Yo's Italian Meringue Buttercream Recipe

Written By Jocelyn Mercer - July 28 2015


August 30 2015

Hi! Yolanda!!
I just want to say I love your YouTube Channel! I happened to see your video for the Watermelon Cake on Facebook and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love baking and have ALWAYS wanted to fun novelty cakes. You’ve inspired me to give it a go! Thank you so much and I look forward to your next video.\!!

P.S. For this recipe, I just want to make sure of the number of eggs that it takes. Is it 4 or is it 8? Thanks again!!

cheshta jindal
August 28 2015

Hey yo, i tried this butter cream. Chilled it overnight. But as soon as i added my caramel n ganache it curdled. I tried to whip it to make it smooth but it didnt happened…… What to do?

cheshta jindal
August 28 2015

Hey yo… Tried this buttercream … But as soon as i added caramel n chocolate ganache it curdled . i tri

August 26 2015

Hi Yolanda, question on the eggs. I noticed that you have different #‘s of eggs listed on different pages. On here it’s listed as four but in the video it shows eight. What is the number? Love your videos, very entertaining and I will be attempting the watermelon cake for my mom’s birthday:)

August 25 2015

Hi yolanda! Thanks for all your videos! I have a question.. How can i add different flavours to this recipe? The entire process is the same? You just add the flavour at the end?

August 24 2015

Hie.. I just love your creativity and experiments with cake. Can you please make something eggless. Share a great eggless cake recipe soon please!

August 22 2015

Hi Yolanda, I tried this recipe for the first time today and it ended up a sloppy mess :( I suspect I didn’t let the egg whites/sugar mixture cool down enough before adding the butter. I’ll admit I got a little impatient but it was seriously taking forever!!! I wonder whether it was the use of the glass mixing bowl on my stand mixer that hampered my efforts. Should I invest in a stainless steel one? Also, is there any way of coming back from my mistake? I’m chilling the mixture in the fridge at the moment and will try whisking again, to see if that helps. Thanks!

August 16 2015

I am a new baker (not by trade) I love to sculpt and the art of decorating. My question is what type of cake is your favorite to use because I feel like my cakes almost are to soft to hold shape. Also do you make your own fondant or do you only buy premade? I have people complain about the taste of store bought and prefer my home made.


ashley queen
August 15 2015

can you make a cinnmion roll

August 08 2015

Hi Yolanda how are you! I wanted to know, in this description, are you making a double batch of buttercream?

August 08 2015

Hi Yolanda
Do you use this IMBC to crumb coat & do the final icing of cake when you’re applying fondant or is it just for the filling?

July 28 2015

Hi Yolanda. Found your channel recently and love your cakes and love a fellow Torontonian! My question is.. does Italian meringue buttercream crust over? I’m an ABC girl because of the crusting factor and I’m wanting to try a new buttercream. Also, can the cake sit out at room temperature with italian meringue buttercream or does it always have to be in the fridge?

July 28 2015

Hey Noa! Unfortunately no icing, buttercream or fondant is built to last in hot and humid weather! It is the big challenge with doing wedding cakes in the summer, especially if the wedding is outside! Your best bet is to plan to keep the cake in as cool a space as possible, far away from the sun. You may have to plan to refrigerate it throughout the day for short spurts, to keep it cool! Thanks for reading my blog and watching How To Cake It (:

July 28 2015

hello yolanda,

first of all – i love your blog and channel! i love the way you work, its so clean and professional. and you’re funny too.

i wanted to know:
i will bake my brother’s wedding cake for his august wedding in tel aviv (reallyyyy hot and humid). i do not like the flavour of fondant at all.
what kind of frosting and filling do you think i should use?

thank you,

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