Yo's Ultimate Chocolate Cake Recipe

Written By Ammie Matte - July 21 2015


June 08 2016

Hi Yolanda, Love love love your videos! I really need a chocolate cake recipe that i can bake in a pan with a hole in the middle, in the UK we call it a Bundt pan, but I think you may have used them in your giant donut video and call it a donut pan. Would this recipe be suitable? do i need to adjust cooking times or anything? thanks in advance for your answer! Keep up the good work. :o)

Gabi heinrich
June 07 2016

Yolanda, I just had to tell you that your chocolate cake saved me last month! I was at my wit’s end looking for a suitable cake recipe. My son and daughter-in-law requested a Black Forest Cherry wedding cake (yes, you read correctly!). I do know how to do that, but not as a wedding cake. Someday I’ll tell the whole story, LOL, but here and now I just wanted to let you know that it turned out better than expected. More than a few people said it was the best tasting wedding cake they had ever had. It turned out pretty, as well.

Gabi heinrich
June 06 2016

Elizabeth, I just made this cake as a 3 tier wedding cake and used all freshly brewed (hot) coffee instead of water. It was awesome. Rich mocha flavor.

Bob Afablr
June 05 2016

Hi yolanda, is there a reason why the chocolate cake recipe requires baking soda and powder and the white cake recipe requires just soda?

Bob Afablr
June 05 2016

Hi yolanda, is there a reason why the chocolate cake recipe requires baking soda and powder and the white cake recipe requires just soda?

May 31 2016

Can’t wait to try this. Your vanilla cake receipe is heavenly. Though the outer part of the cake always gets burned. I bake the 6ib in 2 9.5" pans for 1hour at 180 degree celsius

May 21 2016

Hey Yolanda! I was going to try your recipe to make my sisters graduation cake and I wanted to know if I could do half coffee and half water to make the cake have a more rich chocolate taste.

May 20 2016

Hi ,would you please tell which amount is enough for ten people

May 18 2016

Hi there from the Emerald Isle! I know someone has already asked for this but I can’t seem to find the answer. Could you pretty please put up the above recipe in grams? I’ve tried to convert but there are sooooooo many different conversions that I end up with very mixed results! Thanks in advance!

Munazza Luqman
May 15 2016

Need Help! Can someone tell me what this chart means by " lbs per round". If I have 8″×2″ cake pans & I am baking a 2 layer 8" round cake. I need 6lbs of batter to make two layer cake?

May 14 2016

Please can I get this recipe in grams.

May 11 2016

Hi I am new to your youtube videos and am so in love you all your cakes and also girl crushing you. i think you are amazing and my kids think I am obsess with all your work. I am about to try your melon cake for a friends christening. Let you know how it all works out.


Liliana C.
May 03 2016

Making the batter with a hand mixer affect the result of the cakes?

Scarlet Robinson
April 30 2016

Love your cakes so cool???

April 28 2016

For people who need different amounts, a very good site is: www.traditionaloven.com
It has a amount converter, for all different ingredients, from cups to grams and so on.

Adelle Ang
April 19 2016

Can we use coffee instead of water?

Elaina Howard
March 23 2016

Best chocolate cake recipe I’ve ever tasted and easy to make! :) I would totally recommend this chocolate cake recipe.

March 22 2016

Hi I’m new to your web site, but absolutely love your ideas and passion for cakes, I made your melon cake for my daughters fund raising night and it was a huge success, I’m so excited to try other recipes but can’t see the amounts of ingredients on your page for chocolate and the vanilla cake. The print is a bit to small even with my glasses on. My next venture is your Easter egg cake. Thanks Lesley x

Adriana P.
February 25 2016

I’m so Eager to try this cake! But I’ve never been more confused in my life ??. How do we figure out the measurements if we need to use a different size pan? I searched the comments, seems like many are in the same boat :( and no one has helped. sniff

February 24 2016

This cake recipe is great! I bake all the time with my grandma and this is by far the best cake we have ever made! Thanks for the great recipe.

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