Canada Day Tim Horton's Cup Cake with Giant Chocolate & Vanilla Timbits

Written By Ammie Matte - June 29 2015


March 02 2016

I’m wanting to attempt this cake for my dad’s bday this weekend. I just wanted to know how many batches of buttercream did you need for filling, as well as crumb coating?!

February 26 2016

Holy Crap!! I watched your tutorial last week, and knew this would be the perfect cake to donate to a hockey tournament (sponsored by Tim Hortons!). I’m NOT comfortable with fondant, but you make it look so easy! And fun! lol!! I made a much smaller version (only 6" high) but it’s awesome!!! My only regret is that I didn’t trim the sides with a steeper grade :/ Thanks for your great videos!! Tuesday is my new favorite day of the week :)

February 15 2016

what a fantastic idea. I made this cake for my dad’s birthday. I made a medium which turned into a small. (My chocolate cake recipe was too fluffy and soft …so I lopped off the bottom layer. I will be trying your chocolate cake recipe next time)

August 25 2015

Your website is my new discovery (and I’m a new subscriber) and am amazed at your creative talent and creations. Thrilled to find out you’re based in Toronto.

August 05 2015

This is the best cake ive seen. Awesome job….now i want a timbit or two or 3….whatever i’ll grab a small box lol. You are amazing….keep being funny and creative. Thank you, im learning so much from your videos.

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