In life there are so many special occasions. Besides the yearly birthdays and the grand weddings, there are showers, sacraments and engagements that need to be celebrated!

In this case, it is one of my best friend's daughter's First Communion.  This is quite a special day for Brianna. I still remember mine vividly. I was 7 years old and all dressed up in a mini white gown complete with veil and gloves. I remember feeling so fancy.



I've decided to make a cake that is pretty, modern and timeless. Which to me means sharp edges and clean lines. I'm using the colours of Brianna's invitation as my starting point- cream, robin's egg, and burnished gold. The bottom tier will be a perfect cube. The second tier will be a high round cylinder and the top tier will be a shorter smaller cylinder.



Robin Egg's Blue Cake Ingredients & Tools

Cream Fondant
Robin’s Egg Blue Fondant
Vanilla Cake (recipe here)
Vanilla Buttercream (recipe here)
Simple Syrup
Edible Gold Lustre Dust

Cake boards
Palette knife
Knife for trimming fondant
French rolling pin
Rolling pin
Fondant smoothers
Triangle ruler
Round cutters
Letter cookie cutter (mine is a 'B' for Brianna)



I’m also using wooden dowels to support this cake. Dowels are alway cut to the height of your cake. They support the tiers above, and stop the cake from collapsing. They are also used in novelty cakes. I use dowels any time my cakes are over 4 1/2" in height. Cakes are very heavy. They are always supported- even though you don't see it. 




I am covering the cube in different colours. Two of the sides will be robin's egg, and the other two, along with the top, will be cream. I've never covered a cake using this two-tone method, but I think it will look great! Polka dots are always fun.  They are one of my go to patterns. They look great in all sizes, and all colours. Brianna's invitation has polka dots as well, so they are perfect for this occasion. I know polka dots sound simple, but I am obsessed with lining the, up in the perfect pattern. I always measure my cakes and make myself a template so that they are just right.




To make this cake look extra sharp I will be framing all of the tiers. I don't think that's an official cake term, but that is what I call it. The edges of the cube will be framed, and the tops of the round tiers will be framed. This is one of my favourite techniques. Everything looks so neat and tidy.

 Using gold, or any metallic, on a cake can be tricky. The paint rubs off easily on your hands so you must handle your fondant with care. Be careful and patient. Especially if you are brushing them on as dust.  I always work in a clean environment, and don't have anything else in the space if you don't want dust all over it! Clean up well afterward, of course. Always be prepared to make touch ups once your cake is fully assembled.




I am so happy with the overall look of this cake. I think any little girl would be thrilled to receive it. I wish my First Communion cake had looked like this! I sure hope Brianna likes it.