Candy-Inspired Vibrant Vanilla Checkboard Cake with Buttercream and White Chocolate Ganache

Written By Ammie Matte - June 01 2015


June 16 2016

oh no! I made the chocolate ganache for another recipe and it has been setting for 2 days but is still runny! How can I fix this?

May 12 2016

could u give me the resipe for a 8 inch tin

May 12 2016

im making this cake for my aunties 40th b-day

April 15 2016

I’m so making this for the night I’m cooking can’t wait to see what my family’s reactions will be! LOOKS SO YUM!

chloe -french-
March 06 2016

Bonjour Yolanda! Que veut tu dire par “tasses-cups” merci!

December 30 2015

Hi! I would love to bake this cake, but my cake pan is 8 inches… Don’t really know how much I should have of each ingredient!! Thankfull for any answer! //Matilda, ps. I love all things you do and you have inspired me a lot!

December 15 2015

Hello, Yolanda
I made the candy cake and i have some left over like the top and the buttercream and if you could help me like figure it out like what to do with the left overs and also can we freeze the better cream ? Ok so that about it thank and please help if you can.


P.S.: i don’t want all of that good stuff to be put to waste thanks ?

December 15 2015

Hey, Yolanda
So i did the candy cake and well i still have a lot of butter cream and the top and i don’t know what to do with it so if you could help please and also can i freeze my better cream and if yes how long thanks


September 12 2015

Hey Yolanda! I am going to make this cake and I was wondering if I would need to alter the recipe because I am baking it in an 8 inch round pan that is 1.5 inches high. Thanks!

Jessica Alvarez
July 23 2015

Hello! I was wondering when you start adding your toppings on? Do you wait for the ganache to harden in the fridge or add the chocolate shards when the ganache is still wet? Thank you so much! :)

July 22 2015

Yolanda, love your channel. I have a question about utilizing a substitution for the chocolate ganache’. Do you think melted white almond bark tinted with gel paste would work? I have a whole family that is allergic to chocolate, so it is a definite no-no around here. Thanks for you time!

July 09 2015

Hey Yolanda, I wanted to see how I would need to alter the recipe for baking my cakes in 8 inch pans from the dollar store. Please help!

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