Funfetti Half Birthday Cake with Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows & Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches

Written By Ammie Matte - May 19 2015


August 04 2016

you lied to me

February 02 2016

Your amazing! I love your videos. Is the recipe for cookies the one above?

Julia Murphy
December 15 2015

How many cookies does this make?

October 14 2015

Hi, i tried the cookie recipe. Is the batter supposed to be very wet? Is it alright if the butter melts? My cookies came out light yellow-ish color and it was very crumbly. I really want to succeed in baking cookies >.<

September 22 2015

I love you and all your cakes. You are such an amazing person and cake decorator. I one day hope to be like you. Plz follow me on Instagram at: emzkeys

September 15 2015

You are super awesome ..

August 31 2015

I love u so much. I saw your watermelon video and I thought she’s wierd in a way but I really like her

August 28 2015

I love you and all your recipes your super entertaining and hilarious please follow me on Instagram @pastrychef_yahshimabet

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