I want to start of by saying a special Hola to all my Mexican fans!  You have been so wonderful and supportive and I would like to dedicate this Cinco de Mayo cake to you! 

When I think about Mexico, I think of sun, sand, flavourful food, margaritas, and piñatas!!!  I have had a piñata at a few of my birthday celebrations and they are so much fun!  Brightly coloured, beautifully crafted and FILLED with candy.  It is all you could ever want at a party.



Piñata Cake Ingredients & Tools

Two 6” round vanilla cakes

One 5” round vanilla cake


Food colouring

Multicoloured chocolate buttons


Serrated knife

Rubber spatula

Rolling pin

Platter to form hat brim


Herb cutting or paper shredding scissors


Small offset palette knife

Palette knife

Small paint brush

As soon as I decided to make a Cinco De Mayo video, I knew I would have to make a piñata cake. I wanted to make something fun and traditional to Mexican culture, so I chose a sombrero shape. My colour scheme is red, pink, yellow, green, and purple.



I stacked six layers of vanilla cake (find my recipe here), and I sandwiched each layer with a different colour of buttercream.  I also filled the center of the cake with the corresponding coloured chocolate buttons. Then I carved my cake layers into a conical shape that will become the top of my sombrero.   This cake was a piñata inside and out!  

I rolled each one of my fondant colours and cut them into strips.  I then frayed the fondant strips using a pair of herb scissors.  Just look at these layers, upon layers, upon layers of fringe... Doesn’t it just look soooooo tedious? Well guess what? It doesn’t have to be! I know your first instinct might be to do this detailing with a knife, but using the herb scissors is so much more effective! Still time consuming? Of course. Less time consuming? Yes!


Once I began laying the strips around and around the cake, I began to think that I would never finish! But the more I could see my vision come to life, the more I wanted to continue.  Before I knew it, I was at the tip of my sombrero hat, and the finished product was magnificent!  I am very proud...

So proud in fact, that I am going to bash this cake open just like a real piñata! Yes.  I know.  I must be a masochist.