Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cake with Berry Coulis Ketchup and White Chocolate Cheese Slices

Written By Ammie Matte - April 06 2015


Kris Wise
September 10 2016

My daughter and her friend, with some help from me. Made this for us as an end of summer treat. Everyone thought they were wonderful and were amazed at the ‘cheese’. Thanks for sharing.

July 08 2016

i made one for my mom when she was at work it suprised her so much and was so happy she got mad because she can’t have cheese she was very glad when she found out it wasn’t real cheese.;p thanks

March 15 2016

Hi Yolanda! First of all you are the funniest girl ever!
I tried making the modeling chocolate and it was a royal mess! Greasy and it never set! I used candy melts (not Wilton). Do I need to let it set for 24 hours? I didn’t wait that much. On another note, I’m having problems with bulging cakes…help!
My kid saw your BB8 cake and went bunkers! Haha!

February 14 2016

I like Yolanda’s cake better! They were both awesome, but yours wasn’t burnt! Can’t wait to try it! ?

December 31 2015

I love your hair can you make a ?Or?Cake

November 04 2015

My daughter and made this for a friend of hers who was celebrating her 18th birthday. The birthday girl loves grilled cheese sandwiches. I have to say this is the best pound cake I have ever tasted. It taste like shortbread cookies. Yummy!!! Thanks for the inspiration. They looked exactly like a grilled cheese sandwich!

Dorian Johnson
October 19 2015

It would be lovely if you make a handbag cake you fav bag

August 07 2015

I love u and ur cakes ur so funny why don’t u make a cake of yourself

Teresa Miles
July 03 2015

I LOVE THIS! Getting ready to make the pound cake tonight. I was wondering could I use only 1 1\2 sticks of butter and add a 1\2 cup of sourcream? I just want it to be moist and I found when I don’t add it they tend to be dryer. Thanks!

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