Yo's Chocolate Donut Glaze

Written By Ammie Matte - May 30 2016


molly walker
September 03 2016

hi!!!!! though i am a kid you have inspired me to make cakes as a art class for my homeschooling!!! you make me laugh so much!! love every video!! how do you make your gnanache???

June 13 2016

Hi Yolanda,

I love watching you. The cakes are amazing!!
Do you sell the donut mould cake

Deidre McJunkins
June 12 2016

You are officially my favorite cake lady!!! I love your work Yo!!! YOU CAKE!!!!

June 07 2016

Hey yo!!!!

Me and my cousin love your videos and you are the best (baker) I’ve ever seen.

I’ve seen all of your videos and I see each one Many times until u release a new video.

Can we see your son, or your husband ?

We all want to see your crew and mainly Jocelyn

Love you yo!



June 01 2016

hello yolanda!! thanks for all your videos. can i use just milk or condensed milk instead if i do not have whipping cream. TIA

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