Peach Blueberry Upside Down Cake with Fresh Strawberries & Whipped Cream

Written By Ammie Matte - May 26 2016


Kailyn Broughton
September 25 2016

Hey Yo! I was wondering what kind of butter do you use in your cakes, because the butter i used made my batter loose instead of it being a firm batter. Thanks!

August 28 2016

How do you do cream for the cake ?

August 08 2016

I’ve watched every how to cake it cake video but I’ve never made one. Tonight I made this cake for my family (with nectarines instead of peaches) and it was awesome— everyone loved it! Couldn’t believe how well all the flavors worked together and how moist the cake was :) Thanks Yo!

August 03 2016

Hi Yolanda!
I was just wondering, do you have to bake this in a 10" cake pan and if you do could you please send a link to where you get yours from? I love all your videos and I hope you get to two million subscribers soon!

July 27 2016

Hi Yolanda,

It’s me again. I just made this cake again and it is so good! The last time I made it (which was my first time) everyone loved it and my Dad couldn’t believe I made it on my own!

July 26 2016

Hey Yo if I make this in advance does it need to be refrigerated? I was planning on making it Saturday night for Sunday around noon.

July 20 2016

Hi yo i was wondering where do u get your pan and can u please send me a link thx and did u use 10×4 or 10×2

July 14 2016

Hi Ya

Was wondering if you needed to use any summer fruit or could just use Apples or any other type of fruit. It’s winter in NZ so SummerFruit will not be ready.


July 13 2016

I am 11 years old and i LOVE to bake, I love your videos and i am making this cake right now thanks for the recipe- Ruth

July 13 2016

Hi yo
I’m from belguim, and I love watching you’re video’s!! I’ve just made this cake and it’s super delicious, my family loves it! Thank you for making this cake.


July 11 2016

Have made this cake twice this week. The first one was ok. Didn’t cream the butter and sugar long enough so the batter was runny. The second cake came out perfect. Awesome flavor and presentation. Thank you

Martje Ross
July 10 2016

This cake is wonderful. I’ve already made it once and today I’m making it again for my son’s birthday. Your basic recipe tastes great, Yo, and the fruit adds a nice bit of zing.

July 08 2016

Hi Yo
I fell in love with this recipe the moment I saw you for the first time on advertisement while waiting for my videos to load( to catch up on my kdramas)..since I can’t stop thinking about it..(I love to bake)..I only make upside down pineapple cakes but this one never came to mind…I’m soo making this cake and Big plus also is peaches, blueberries and strawberries are on sale at my local fresh produce marketplace for few cents on the dollar so I’m buying ….and also I’m totally going to try and make your vanilla cake batter also..ahh thanks lots for this…

July 04 2016

Excellent cake…..I made it twice in one wknd!

July 03 2016

Would it be possible to bake this in a 10 inch cake pan with a loose bottom? Thanks!

July 01 2016

Hi , I’m 12 years old and I’m a big fan. I started baking when I was 7 years old I have been watching your videos since I was 10, I made every cake you made the exact same and they come out so good. I’m so glad j found your page. I’m baking this cake for 4th of July for the FIRST time I really hope this cake comes out good and I impresse my whole family!!! Thanks yo, Natalie.

Sandra R. Cruz
June 29 2016

My first time watching you. I Love it!!! Thanks for your recipes!!!????

June 26 2016

Hi Yolanda,
I’m making this cake tomorrow and I’m sooo excited for it!! You are an amazing role model for me and for everyone. You’ve inspired me to bake and I love watching your videos!! I hope I can be famous like you some day with my YouTube channel. Btw my channel is the preppy kitchen, it would make my day if you subscribed!! Keep doing what you love!!!!

June 23 2016

Looks good

June 23 2016

1.5 hours was way too long. At 1:15 I checked and the edges seem crispy and overdone and my toothpick came out dry. I hope the whole cake isn’t dry. I should’ve checked it at 45 minutes.

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