I love the beach.  I wish I could spend more time there.  When LaurDIY messaged me to tell me she was planning to do exactly that - I was like “You need a beach bag!”

To help Lauren celebrate her move I am making a colourful beach bag cake.  The inside will be stripes of chocolate cake, and pink and green vanilla cake. All sandwiched together with chocolate and vanilla buttercream.  I’m going to decorate the outside with fondant stripes in bright colours, and make a fondant pocket with an anchor on it.  Everyone needs a pocket for their phone!


Where Do I Buy My Ingredients & Tools??

A day at the beach can be super chill, but you've got to make sure you're organized before you can relax. Baking a cake is the exact same way! I've organized all of my ingredients and tools on my shoppable Parsel page right here, to make your baking experience a bit more chill. ;) 


Baking Your Beach Bag Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

8 lb portion of Yo’s Ultimate Vanilla Cake - find my recipe here

8 lb portion of Yo’s Ultimate Chocolate Cake - find my recipe here

Wilton Pink Icing Color

Wilton Leaf Green Icing Color

2 x 11” x 15” Rectangle Cake Pans

14” Square Cake Pan

Prepare your vanilla batter and divide it into two equal portions.  Dye one portion pink and the other one green.  Pour each portion of batter into an 11” x 15” rectangle pan.

Prepare your chocolate cake batter and pour it into the 14” square cake pan.  Bake all your cakes with the help of my handy chart.  Always test your cake using the toothpick method and allow them to cool completely in their pans.

Building a Beach Bag Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Italian Meringue Buttercream - find my recipe here

4 oz Semi Sweet Chocolate, melted and cooled

Simple Syrup - find my recipe here

Rubber Spatula


Serrated Knife

Small Serrated Knife

Offset Spatula

Small Offset Spatula

Cake Boards - one 5” x 10” with rounded corners, and one 2 ½” x 12” with rounded corners

6 x ¼” Wooden Cake Dowels


Remove all cakes from their pans, level them and cut the caramelization off the bottom of both coloured vanilla cakes.



Before stacking this cake we are going to cut them into various size strips.  I like to do this so that there is less cake wasted when carving the shape of the beach bag.

I cut strips from both vanilla cakes lengthwise. Cut the green and pink cakes into three strips that measure as follows:

4 ½” x 15”

3 ½ ” x 15”

3” x 15”


Then I cut four strips from the chocolate cake as follows:

5” x 14”

4” x 14”

3” x 14”

2” x 14”

Shower all the strips of cake with simple syrup.  Let’s make some chocolate buttercream for the inside of this cake.  Simply stir together 2 cups of your Italian meringue buttercream with the 4oz of melted and cooled semi sweet chocolate.  I like to make my buttercream ahead of time.  It’s a great time saving tip. You don’t have to do everything in one day!


I decided to stack this beach bag cake in two halves to make my life easier. I built the bottom half of my cake as follows:

5” x 14” chocolate cake

chocolate buttercream

4 ½” x 15” pink vanilla cake

vanilla buttercream

4 ½” green vanilla cake

vanilla buttercream

4” x 14” chocolate cake

chocolate buttercream

3 ½” x 15” pink vanilla cake

Set the bottom half of your cake in the fridge to chill while you assemble the top half on your as follows:

3 ½” green vanilla cake

vanilla buttercream

3” x 14” chocolate cake

chocolate buttercream

3” x 15” pink vanilla cake

Set the top half of your cake in the fridge to chill as well.  Let both halves of your beach bag cake chill until the buttercream is hard.  This will make your carving process much easier.



I want to make a note that I was originally hoping to use all my cake layers to build the cake.  But once I did, I found it too high and unstable so I removed the top two cake layers.  I saved you the trouble by omitting them in the instructions above.  Enjoy those cake scraps!  I ended up making little cake slices with mine, to bring to a friends house. Cake scraps really deserve a better name.  They are so useful.

Time to begin sculpting this cake!  Flip the bottom half of the cake over.  Lay the 5” x 10” cake board on top.  Use a small serrated knife to carve the rounded edges into the cake.

Flip the cake right side up again.  Carve an A line shape down the longest sides of the cake which will become the front and back of the beach bag.




Cut 5 dowels into 10 dowels and insert them into the cake.  I measured the middle of the cake and placed 5 dowels on either side for support. Spread a little buttercream on top and add you2 “ x 12” cake board.  Spread a thin layer of buttercream on the board and place the second cake on top.

Continue to carve the entire cake in an A line shape down the front and back until you are happy.




Now carve the sides of the cake into a V shape so that the bag is wider at the top than at the bottom.  Round the sides of the bag as well.  At one point, I removed the top cake to make this process easier, and then put it back on.

Once you are completely happy with the overall shape of your beach bag cake, give it a crumb coat and chill.  I inserted the final dowel by sharpening one end and pushing it down through the centre of the whole cake.

Ice your cake a final time until it is nice and smooth. Place it in the fridge to chill until you are ready to decorate.


Adding Summer Stripes To Your Beach Bag Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

9 ½ lbs White Fondant

1 lb Black Fondant

Wilton Golden Yellow Icing Color

Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing Color

Wilton Sky Blue Icing Color

Wilton Pink Icing Color

Wilton Leaf Green Icing Color

Rolling Pin

Icing Sugar

Paring Knife

Rolling Mincer

Overstitch Wheel

Paint Brush

Begin by making the coloured fondant for the stripes on the bag.  Make 1lb each in yellow, blue, green, and pink. Or - whatever your favourite colours are!

Roll a thin piece of black fondant to cover the very top of the bag.  I like to cover the top just in case, so that once the bag is complete it will give the illusion of darkness inside.

Divide the remaining white fondant into two parts.  Roll the first half out so that it is tall and wide enough to cover the front half of the beach bag cake.  Use a ruler and a sharp knife to cut a clean seam down the sides of the bag. Repeat this process and cover the back of the bag.

Roll out all four bright colours of your fondant as thinly as you can.  Cut 2” stripes form the yellow and blue fondant.  Cut ¼” stripes from the pink and green fondant.  I love using my rolling mincer to do this, but you can also use a ruler and a sharp knife.




Lay your striped pattern onto your beach bag cake and secure the fondant with water. Once your pattern is complete, run your overstitch wheel along the side seams for added detail.



To create a black leather detail for the top of the bag, I rolled out two long bands of black fondant and folded one edge over lengthwise.  I trimmed both bands to a 1” width and added stitch detail along the length.

I added the two black bands to the top of the beach bag securing them with water.  I cut clean seams where the bands met along the sides.



For a final detail, I cut a pocket from white fondant.  I added a black stripe along the top of the pocket and cut out a black anchor to place on the face of the pocket.  I found a picture of an anchor online and made myself a template.  


Finally I added stitch detail around the edges of the pocket before gluing it onto the front of my beach bag cake with water.

This Beach Bag Cake Needs Handles!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

½ lb White Fondant

½ lb Gumpaste

1” Round Cutter

½” Round Cutter

Vegetable Shortening

Gold Luster Dust

Paint brush

Clear Piping Gel

To make the rivets for the handles take a ½ oz of gumpaste and dye it a deep yellow colour.  Roll out the gumpaste and cut 4 circles with the 1” cutter.  Then cut a ½” circle from the centre of each one.  I always like to make a few extra gumpaste details, in case they break.

Set the gumpaste rivets aside to dry for at least one day.  Once dry, paint the rivets with shortening and luster dust on top.  Attach two rivets to the back and the front of the beach bag with some piping gel.


To make the rope handles, knead the white fondant and gumpaste together to make 50/50.

Take half of the 50/50 and roll three long equal tubes.  Lay two tubes side by side and brush a little piping gel along the centre between them.  Lay the third 50/50 tube on top.  Now create a braided look by rolling and twisting the tubes together in opposite directions on either end.



Trim the rope on both sides and add the handle to the front of the bag in the centre of the rivets.  Secure the handle with dots of piping gel along the way.  You may need help applying the handle - thank goodness for Sasha - because of it’s weight.  You will also need to be patient and hold it in place for a while until it can hold itself.

Repeat this process with the rest of your 50/50 to create a handle for the back of the bag.


Final Touch - a Delicate Silk Fondant Scarf! 

At the last minute I decided to make a scarf to tie onto the handles of the bag.  I used some leftover pink and green fondant and created a sort of tie dye pattern by using the same technique I use to make my raw salmon filet for my Sushi Cake.



Because I rolled the fondant much thinner the pattern became more tie dye than stripes. I trimmed a perfect square and added stitch detail along all four sides.  Then I gathered it up quickly and added it to the beach bag.  


Now Lauren can tie her hair back at the beach if need be.  Enjoy the sun and sand in L.A. Lauren!!!  Soak some up for me.