Chocolate & Vanilla Beach Bag Cake for LaurDIY stuffed with Chocolate & Vanilla Buttercream!

Written By Ammie Matte - May 23 2016


June 08 2016

Will you have a fondant recipe? All of your cakes looks amazing!???

May 25 2016

Hello Yolanda!
First of all I want to thank you for the awesome videos, they are very helpful
And I have a question what brand of fondant do you use?
Thank you

Looking forward to hear from you..

katie jane
May 25 2016

Hi Yo

I can’t work out your conversion tables -

if I make a 4" cake and need 1/2 lb cake batter, I guess I’d have to divide the 4lb cake batter by 8? that means no eggs as there’s only 6 to start with?!

is there any easier way of doing this?

May 24 2016

Hello Yolanda!
I so love your cakes, I happy to look at all your new video on YouTube. You are amazing.
I tried to made your Vanilla Cake, but I can’t to convert measurements.
Could you convert the recipe in grams and milliliters, please?

Vanilla Cake______6lb
unsalted butter / 2 cups / ? grams
Sugar / 4 cups / ? grams
Milk / 2 cups / ? milliliters
Flour / 5 cups / ? grams

Thank you so much and wish you good day!

May 24 2016

Still no video?

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