Cake In A Box Recipe - Chocolate Cake, Buttercream, and Fondant!

Written By Ammie Matte - March 02 2015


June 26 2016

Hi Yolanda, Could you share me the fondant recipe pls? I love your cakes!! Thank you!

May 18 2016

Kindly send the recipe for fondant

March 06 2016

Hey can u pls share recipe for fondant …

January 22 2016

Hi, I just realised you haven’t specified how much buttercream you used. I want to make this but I dont know how many portions of IMB I should make. Thank you!

January 12 2016

How many pounds of cake did you use to fill the 9″ × 13″ cake pan?

Ashton Ash
August 25 2015

That’s nice post with full of self cake making knowledge and clear instructions. I especially like the guidance on creating box for a cake. Thanks for putting an effort on making cake with box. I have my own bakery. I never try anything like that. Most of the times, I purchase my boxes from because of there shapes, sizes and design quality but your video tutorial change my mind I surely try this.

July 13 2015

Hi Yolanda, which brand of fondant did you use that can keep in the fridge? As far as I’m concern… It’ll become sticky once put in the fridge.

May 10 2015

Hey, I also would like to know, what kind of fondant you go to use?

April 04 2015

Hey, did you make the fondant? If so can you send me the recipe! If not where could I find it and whats the brand?

March 05 2015

What syrup do u use to keep the cake moistened ?

Shivanjali Raje
March 03 2015

hey it looks very tasty and beautiful too.

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