Let's name some things that kids love, shall we?

(in alphabetical order, of course.)

Guess what! I've got all five of those things in one cake! Step right up and come see my colour wheel cake.  It's tasty, fun, and such a treat from your eyes....and your tummy.

I baked myself three 9" round layers of moist chocolate cake. Once again borrowing this fabulous recipe from my favourite food blog Sweetapolita.

The frosting is really simple.  Just four ingredients whipped up into a heavenly spread!
Frosting Ingredients:
1/2 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 cups icing sugar
3 tablespoons whipping cream

Using a stand mixer, beat your butter and vanilla until smooth. Fat carries flavour people! Listen up. Add half of your icing sugar and blend on low.  Add your whipping cream and continue to blend. Finally, add the rest of your icing sugar and combine.  Beat the mixture on high for about 1-2 minutes.  Lets get this baby nice and fluffy.

Have your chocolate buttons, separated by colour, ready to go in bowls. They have an important job to do today!

Remove your cakes from their pans, and level each one using a ruler and a serrated knife. You want to start eating this cake already, don't you? It's okay. I've been there. Many times.  Now fill your layers with the frosting you just made.
It was way easier than you thought, wasn't it? Why would anyone buy frosting when it is SO easy to make? Sorry Betty and Duncan, the jig is up. Yes, I'm telling EVERYONE. Ice the top of the cake nice and smooth.  This is your blank canvas. 

Remember when your grade 4 math teacher taught you how to use a protractor? I hope you do, because you're going to use it today. Cut yourself a circle out of paper.  I just traced a cake pan. Fold your circle in half and use your protractor to evenly divide your half circle into three parts. Fold your paper so that you now have a full circle divided into six equal wedges.  Use this paper as your template to mark the top of your cake.  Use your ruler to carry the mark around the sides.  

Yay! Time for some fun after all that math. Fill the wedges with the candy buttons.  I chose to stand them upright, more candy buttons per slice - mo' candy, less problems!  Play your favourite song list, and work to the rhythm.  I do not suggest ballads for this job. Tell Sam Smith he can come back another day.

To finish it all off and really Cake it to the Limit, place candy buttons around the sides of the cake where the frosting peeks out.  Make sure to line up the colours with the wedges on top. 

Oh, I forgot one important step!  Eat cake. Now smile!
I hope you enjoyed this edition of How To Cake It as much as I enjoyed making it.  Thanks for watching, thanks for trying this recipe, and thank you to Google for confirming the spelling of protractor. It's late on a Tuesday night, and this mommy is tired.  Wish I had a slice of colour wheel cake right about now....