Whether you have seen all the films nominated for the Oscars this year or not, it is ALWAYS fun to watch with the right people and most importantly the right SNACKS.  It is only fitting to have popcorn at an Oscars party, but there is nothing that goes better with salty...than SWEET.  They're like the food version of Brad and Angelina or Beyonce and Jay - meant to be!  So, here is a quick and easy recipe that will bring these two star-crossed lovers together and have your friends and family wishing you had made about 6 batches more.

Fresh popcorn kernels and oil for popping. If you're not sure about this method grab a big bag of lightly salted popcorn at your local supermarket.  
1-2 cups semi-sweet melting chocolate
Toffee bits or finely crumbled up bits of a Skor Chocolate Bar
White Chocolate Chips
Broken up salted pretzels
Edible Gold Dust 
First make your popcorn!

Once ready, lay it out on cookie sheets - now it's ready to be dressed in couture for the night.

Melt your chocolate in the microwave - do this slowly!  Short 30 sec increments are best and make sure to stir as you go!

Once the chocolate is nice and smooth, use a spatula to dip and drizzle all over your popcorn until you feel you have enough - which is never in my books!

Now while the chocolate is still wet, have fun throwing your other toppings into this delicious mix!  But leave the edible gold dust aside for now!


Add enough toppings to make your popcorn as indulgent as you like, and leave to dry for 15 mins. Keep in mind you can use ANYTHING you like - chop up bits of liquorice, candy, chocolate bars…the sky is the limit!

Once the chocolate on your popcorn is dry, take a clean paint brush and use it to sprinkle your popcorn with edible gold dust - this is that little touch that takes this snack from an Oscar nominee, to an Oscar WINNER.

Don't forget - it's all about presentation!  Find a beautiful clear bowl, or perhaps some interesting glasses like the one in my pic that you can present your popcorn in.  I'm also a fan of wrapping pretty paper into a cone, sealing with double sided tape, and filling it up with popcorn to be handed out to my guests!  Be creative and have fun.
Last but not least - EAT, BE SWEET AND REPEAT! It's a super easy recipe to whip up again when you run out (:
Yo xo