You're Invited...To A Very Important Date With Me!

Written By Ammie Matte - May 16 2016


July 23 2016

Yo, I am writing you from Haiti in the Caribbean. i would like to tell you how good your cakes look and how simple you make them look to make, I would like to ask you if it is possible to have a recipe for fondant and one for a lemon cake. Thank you.

May 28 2016

Wish I could come xx

May 22 2016

Yo come India and celebrate

May 17 2016

can i please just like move to canada nOWW

yo come to indonesia dammit?

May 17 2016

DisneyStudioCanada stated the pop up store opens on 20th, but you will only be there on 21st?

May 16 2016

Okay now it’s official I’m moving to Canada lol.

May 16 2016

Ok, I’ve always wanted to move to Canada, now,
I’m moving to Canada!!!!

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