Many of you have asked me to share my experience on SugarStars and it’s really hard to put into words because every day was so different.  Some days were like the perfect little cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream (mine of course!) – Caspar and Anty would make me laugh so much that I’d go home with aching cheeks!  And other days we'd be exhausted in trying to keep up with back-to-back events and shoot days.  But what made it all worth it were the cakes and desserts I got to make.  Here are some of my favourite ones. Just looking at these pictures makes me even more excited about How To Cake It where I’ll be making every single cake I’ve ever wanted to - my bucket list cakes - and showing YOU how I do it! 

Yo xo

P.S.  Have an idea for a cake I should make? Leave me a comment!