No surprise here - I love chocolate!  I. Love. Chocolate.  What I love most about chocolate is the variety of flavours and fillings.  There is something for everyone.

I made these surprise chocolate gems to fill my Mother’s Day Box of Chocolates Cake.  I think they look lovely inside the luxurious purple box, and I think they taste even better!


Where Do I Buy My Ingredients & Tools??

What's sweeter than chocolate? Being organized while you shop for chocolate! What, is it surprising that getting organized excites me? I've organized all of my ingredients and tools for this recipe on my shoppable Parsel page right here

For Your Chocolates!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:


Wilton Candy Melts in the following colours:


Light Cocoa

Dark Cocoa


Bright Pink



6 x Faceted Dome Chocolate Mold

Small Offset Spatula

Silicone Baking Mat

Disposable Piping Bags

Oreo Cookies

Eggless Cookie Dough - find my recipe here

Cake Scraps

Small Serrated Knife


Luster Dusts in Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green and Gold

Paint Brushes


Before preparing your chocolates, prepare your fillings.  Chop the Oreo cookies into small pieces.  Roll your chilled eggless cookie dough into little balls, and trim the strawberry marshmallows with scissors.  Trim and cut your cake scraps into small cubes, or use a piping tip to cut small rounds.



You want all of your surprise fillings to be the appropriate size for the centre of your chocolates.

I choose these fillings for my mom, but you can really fill these chocolate gems with anything your mom loves.  Her favourite cookies, candies, caramels….you name it.  As long as it can be cut into bite size pieces and fit in the chocolate molds.

I needed 81 chocolates to fill my Mother’s Day Box of Chocolates Cake.  So I made 2 molds of each colour of chocolate.  This gave me 96 chocolates in total.  I figure I need to try at least 15 before giving them to my mother.  It is the responsible thing to do. ;)


Melt the candy melts in the microwave in short 20 second increments, stirring in between.  Fill the disposable piping bags with each colour of chocolate.  

Lay out your clean and dry chocolate molds and have your offset spatula close by.  

Begin by piping a ring around the edges of each cavity and letting the chocolate pool down to the bottom.  Tap the mold onto your work surface to bang out any air bubbles.  


Flip the chocolate mold over and let the excess chocolate drip out.  I like to do this over a silicon mat so that I can scrap up the extra chocolate and melt it again.  No need to waste it.



Flip the mold back over place the filling inside and press it down gently.  Allow the chocolate to set slightly to keep your filling in place.  Pipe more chocolate into the cavities of the mold until each one is filled.  If your chocolate has begun to set up in the piping bag, just pop the whole bag in the microwave for 10 seconds or so and knead the chocolate back to piping consistency.




I filled my Surprise Chocolate Gems as follows:

-White with chopped Oreo cookies

-Light Cocoa with eggless cookie dough balls

-Dark Cocoa with strawberry marshmallows

-Pink with green vanilla cake scraps

-Green with chocolate cake scraps

-Yellow with pink vanilla cake scraps

Tap the mold down on your work surface several times to bang out any air bubbles.  You will see them rise to the surface and pop.

Use your small offset spatula to scrap away any excess chocolate from each cavity and leave them flush with the surface of the mold.

Allow your chocolates to set for 10-15 minutes in the fridge and then 15 minutes at room temperature.  Turn the mold over and pop out the chocolates.


I used a sharp knife to trim away any excess chocolate at the bottom of each gem.


Brush on your favourite luster dusts in different patterns and have fun decorating these chocolates for your mom!  Oh, and enjoy eating the extra 15.  I won’t tell.



If you don’t have time to make your mom a box out of chocolate cake to place these Surprise Chocolate Gems in, I understand.  Why not wrap them in a lovely gift box and surprise her anyway.