Moms do deserve a special day.  Now that I am one myself, I really believe this ;)  

A day to be pampered, or perhaps, left alone to do whatever she wants.  For example, to eat an entire box of chocolates if that’s what her heart desires.  Wouldn’t it be great if the box was made out of cake! That settles it. I’m going to cake a box of chocolates.


The cake will be chocolate, naturally, filled with rich dark chocolate ganache and soft shades of pink and green buttercream.  The box will be a gorgeous deep purple fondant topped with a pretty gift bow and a tag. The inside will be lined with colourful chocolate jems that each contain a different filling - cake, cookie dough, marshmallows, and Oreos.  This is the mother of all Mother’s Day cakes.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Where Do I Buy My Ingredients & Tools??

Before I tell you, you have to make me a promise. If you are making this cake for your mom, please, please don't make her do all the shopping! I've made it even easier for you by organizing my ingredients and tools for this recipe on my Parsel page, right here


Baking Your Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

2 x 6lb recipe of Yo’s Ultimate Chocolate Cake - find my recipe here

2 x 12” Square Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper

Prepare your chocolate cake batter and pour 6lb into each cake pan.  Bake at 350º for 1 hr and 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean.  Allow your cakes to cool completely in their pans.

Filling Your Cakes!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Italian Meringue Buttercream - find my recipe here

Wilton Pink Icing Color

Wilton Kelly Green Icing Color

1 ½ lbs Semi Sweet Chocolate Callets

1 lb Whipping Cream

Simple Syrup

Wooden Spoon

Rubber Spatula


Serrated Knife

Offset Spatula

Small Offset Spatula

Icing Spatula

2 x 12” Cake Boards

2 x 14” Cake Boards

Begin by removing your chocolate cakes from their pans, levelling them and cutting each one in half horizontally. Watch me do this here



Select the one of the four cake layers and set it aside.   Cut a 12” cake board cut to the same size as your cake and punch a hole through the centre.  Place the later on top.

Trim the three remaining layers by ¼” on two sides so that the cake box will be just slightly smaller than the lid.  Cut a 12” cake board to the same size as your cake.  This is where you will build the box cake.

I decided to fill this cake with rich chocolate ganache and Italian meringue buttercream. I am going to colour 2 cups buttercream a lovely soft pink and 2 cups mint green.  



You can see how I make chocolate ganache here, but make sure to use the measurements for whipping cream and chocolate I have listed above.  I made the ganache a thicker consistency so that the buttercream would be easy to spread directly on top.

Shower all four layers of chocolate cake with simple syrup.  Once it has absorbed, place the lid aside and begin to stack the cake box.  Spread a layer of chocolate ganache onto the first cake layer and spread mint green buttercream directly on top.  Add another cake layer and repeat this process with ganache and soft pink buttercream.



Crumb coat the cake and the lid with ganache and place them in the fridge to chill for 10 minutes.  You may need to heat your ganache slightly to thin it out and make it easier to spread. Ice the cakes as square as you can and place them in the fridge to chill again.


Decorating Your Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

4 ½ lbs Purple Fondant

Rolling Pin

Icing Sugar

Cake Boards


Paring Knife

Set Square

Fondant Smoother

Rolling Mincer

Paint Brush

We are going to cover this box cake and lid with panels of fondant.  I chose purple because I love the rich, luxurious colour. But I also highly recommend you pick out your mother's fave colour. ;)

Measure all the sides and surfaces of your cakes.  When measuring the sides of the box, place one of your chocolates on top and measure the entire height.

Roll out the fondant slabs you will need to cover every part of the cake.  Two large squares for the surface of the cake and the lid, and five long rectangles for the four sides of the box.  The final rectangle will be cut into four strips for the sides of the lid.  As I rolled my fondant slabs I set them in the fridge to chill.  

Time to cut the purple fondant slabs to fit the cake.  Cut them as follows:

  • Measure the top of the box cake.  Cut a perfect square to fit on top using a sharp knife and a set square.  Place the fondant on top and fill in any gaps along the side with more ganache.



  • Measure the top of the lid cake and cover in the same method as above.



  • Measure the sides of your box cake with a chocolate placed on top.  Cut the fondant slabs 1” longer than your measurement of the width of your cake. Cut it 1/8” taller than your measurement of the height of your cake.  
  • Place the fondant strips on two opposite sides of the cake first.  Trim the edges flush top the cake.  
  • Repeat this process and add the two remaining sides.




  • Measure the sides of your lid cake.  Cut the final slab of purple fondant into 4 strips to fit the sides.  Cover the sides of your lid the same way you covered the box.




  • As a final touch, roll out some left over purple fondant as thin as you can.  Use a rolling mincer, or a very sharp knife and a ruler, to cut four ¼” strips of fondant.  Glue the stripes to the top edge of your lid cake with a bit of water and trim the edges.  Now there is a nice clean border on the top of your lid cake.

Making a Gift Bow & Tag!  

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

1 lb Gumpaste

Vegetable Shortening

½ lb Fondant

Wilton Kelly Green Icing Colour

Wilton Black Icing Colour

Rolling Pin

Icing Sugar


Paring Knife

Paint Brush

Strip Cutter #2

Emerald Green Lustre Dust

Clear Piping Gel

Royal Icing - find my recipe here

#12 Round Piping Tip

Black Food Colouring Pen

Gumpaste dries much faster and harder than fondant.  When working with gumpaste, I like to keep shortening close by for kneading.  It helps to roll out the gumpaste in sections so that it doesn’t dry out when making your loops.

Roll the gumpaste to 1/16” thick and cut strips that are ¾” thick and 4 ½” long.  Fold each strip into a loop and glue the ends together with a dab of water.  Cut a few strips that are 3” long and make loops.  These will come in handy for the top of your bow.  You will need about 50 gumpaste loops for this gift bow. This allows for a couple extras in case they get luster dust on them, or if there's breakage once dry. 

Lay all the gumpaste loops on their side and set aside to dry overnight.  This is a project you can make far in advance.  The more dry your bow loops are, the easier your bow will be to assemble.

Before assembling the bow, I wanted to add some colour.  I dyed my fondant an emerald green which I think looks great with purple.  Roll the fondant out and use the strip cutter to cut enough strips for all of your bow loops. 

Brush some emerald green luster dust onto the surface of all your green strips of fondant. Make sure to brush the excess away or use a camera blower to blow it away.

Attach each green strip of fondant to the middle of a dried bow loop with clear piping gel.  




Time to get this bow onto the lid of your cake.  First you will need to add four gumpaste bands in a cross formation to the top of your lid cake that meet in the center.  These bands should be the same thickness as your bow loops, and have the same green fondant detail added on top.

Glue them to the top of your lid cake with water, and trim away any excess.

Create two more of these bands and cut an angle on one end.  Glue them to the top of your cake.  These will be the tails of the bow.  



To assemble the bow, place your royal icing into a piping bag.  Attach the gumpaste loops to the cake with the royal icing.  Begin by laying out a circle of loops.  Make sure to lay the loops at different angles for a more realistic look.  

Continue to build up your bow by adding loops in a circle formation and securing them with royal icing.  Use the shorter loops at the top of your bow to finish it off.



To make my gift tag, I rolled out some gumpaste and cut a log rectangle.  Then I cut a hole near the edge of one side with a piping tip.  Let the tag dry overnight or longer.

Once my tag was dry I added the emerald green fondant strips along the sides to create a border.  Then I used a black food marker to write Happy Mother’s Day!  I looped a green fondant strip through the hole of my tag and added it to the top of my box as the very last step.


Finishing Your Box of Chocolates Cake!

Tools You Will Need:

4 x ¼” Thick Wooden Dowels

Garden Shears

Pencil Sharpener

Lay all of your chocolates into the top of your box cake.  You can see how I made my Surprise Chocolate Gems here.  If you don’t have time to make your own, you can always buy some of your mom’s favourite chocolates and fill the box with those.



To add the “floating” cake lid to your box of chocolates cake, cut 3 dowels into six pieces that are 1/8” taller than the height of the sides of your box.  Figure out where you want to place your lid.  I used a 12” cake board to help me visualize the position.  Place the dowels into the cake in the area that will be underneath the lid.  

Cut the fourth dowel 1” tall than the six pieces you originally cut.  Use a pencil sharpener to sharpen one end of the dowel.  Place the dowel into the cake with the sharp end up.

Carefully feed line up the hole in the middle of the board underneath your lid cake with the sharpened dowel.  Place the lid on top of your box and let it rest on the supporting dowels.  

Now all you have to do is add your gumpaste tag and surprise your mom on Mother’s Day!!!  I wish my son was old enough to make me this cake!