If there is one thing I love as much as I love cake it is travel.  I have been fortunate enough to see many awesome places in this world, but I long to see so much more. So what could be more fun than combining my two loves!  We are headed to Cairo on How To Cake It (don't forget to subscribe!) and I am going to cake a pyramid.  Not just any pyramid.  It will be made up of 12 layers of candy coloured cake and completely covered in neat rows of gummy candies.  Oh, and I guess I should mention the secret cake chamber filled with gold chocolate coins.  I think people will come from far and wide to visit this Candy Pyramid!  I know I would.  


Where Do I Get All Of My Ingredients & Tools??

Let's go to the candy shop! Well, and the cake pan shop, and the grocery store...It's not as fun when you have to make a bunch of stops. That's why I organize all of my shoppable ingredients and tools on my Parsel page for you here


Baking Your Candy Coloured Cakes!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

4 x 8lb Portion of Yo’s Ultimate Vanilla Cake - find my recipe here

2 x 14” Square Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper

2 x 12” Square Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper

2 x 10” Square Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper

2 x 8” Square Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper

2 x 6” Square Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper

2 x 4” Square Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper

Rubber Spatula

ChefMaster Leaf Green Gel Colour

ChefMaster Violet Purple Gel Colour

ChefMaster Sunset Orange Gel Colour

Wilton Sky Blue Icing Color

Wilton Pink Icing Color

Wilton Red NoTaste Icing Color


Divide and dye your batter in the following portions:

12 lbs - Dyed green with 1 ½ tablespoons Chefmaster Leaf Green

8 lbs - Dyed blue with 1 tablespoon Wilton Sky Blue

6 lbs – Dyed purple with 1 ½ tablespoons ChefMaster Violet Purple

3 lbs – Dyed pink with ½ tablespoon Wilton Pink

2 lbs – Dyed orange with 1 tablespoon ChefMaster Sunset Orange

1 lbs – Dyed red with 1 tablespoon Wilton Red No Taste

Now that all of your batter is gloriously candy coloured, divide it among your prepared cake pans as follows:

Green – evenly between the two 14” square cake pans

Blue - evenly between the two 12” square cake pans

Purple - evenly between the two 10” square cake pans

Pink - evenly between the two 8” square cake pans

Orange - evenly between the two 6” square cake pans

Red - evenly between the two 4” square cake pans

Bake your cakes at 350º until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean.  My cakes baked as follows:

14” – 55 minutes

12” – 50 minutes

10” – 45 minutes

8” – 40 minutes

6” – 35 minutes

4” – 30 minutes

Once your cakes are cooled completely in their pans, chill them so they will be easier to carve.  This is a lot of cake, so I would suggest baking them all the day before, wrapping them well and chilling them overnight.

As a side note, I chose to colour all of my cakes because Gummy Drop! is a really colourful and fun game.  I think this pyramid would look equally beautiful made of rich chocolate cake with gold chocolate coins spilling out.

For Your Chocolate Ganache!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

3 ½ lbs Whipping Cream

5 lbs Semi Sweet Chocolate, 56% - 72%

Chef’s Knife

Cutting Board

Wooden Spoon


Chop your chocolate at finely as possible and place it in a large bowl.  You can also use chocolate callets and forget about chopping all together!

Bring your whipping cream to an almost boil in a pot set over medium high heat.  You want to see vigorous bubbles just below the surface, but be careful not to let the cream boil over.

Pour the cream over the chocolate and cover the bowl with a cake pan or another bowl. Let stand for 15 minutes.

Quickly remove the cover from your bowl.  There will be condensation just below the cover and you don’t want it to fall into your ganache.

Stir the ganache with your wooden spoon until it all comes together.  Sometimes I like to pour my ganache through a sieve if I have used chopped chocolate.  Just to ensure there are no lumps.

Let the ganache set up at room temperature so that it is spreadable.  This is a lot of ganache so it can be made the night before you assemble your cake.

Building Your Pyramid Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Simple Syrup - find my recipe here


Serrated Knife

Small Serrated Knife

Offset Spatula

Small Icing Spatula

Small Offset Spatula

Paring Knife

164 Gold Chocolate Coins (about 2 lbs)

Remove all 12 cakes from their pans.  Level them and cut the carmelization off the bottom. You can see me do this here.  All the layers should be 1” high.



This is a very large and heavy cake, so I had a ½ MDF board cut to a 22” square to support it.  I covered my board with an adhesive shelf liner with a cleanable surface.

Sir Squeeze a Lot had a big job this week, and showered all 12 cakes layers with simple syrup LIKE A BOSS.




Begin with a 14” green cake layer.  Spread on a layer of chocolate ganache right to the edges and place the second green cake layer on top.  

Spread on a layer of ganache, leaving a 1” border all the way around.  Place a 12” blue cake layer on top.  Spread ganache to the edges and add the second blue cake layer.




I decided to add the gold chocolate coins to the centre of my cake in a pyramid formation. Because I don’t want to use any cake boards for central support, I need to stack the coins so that they will support the cake layers.  

I also need to make sure that there is enough cake surrounding the coins on all sides. This way, when I cut my pyramid shape, the coins won’t come tumbling out.  I don’t want to reveal the surprise too soon!

I need to cut the inner squares out of the next 6 cake layers before continuing to stack this pyramid cake.

To begin, I measure the width of three chocolate coins lined up in a row.  I cut a 4 ¼” square out of the centre of both 10” square purple cake layers.  Now I measure the width of two coins in a row and cut a 2 ¾” square from the middle of both 8” square pink cake layers.  Finally I measure the width of one coin and cut out a 1 3/8” square from the centre of both 6” square orange cake layers.  I simply cut out the inner squares of cake with a small serrated knife and a ruler.




Time to continue stacking this pyramid cake and adding the gold chocolate coins to the secret chamber.  I want the blue cake surface below the chocolate coins to remain ganache free.  So, I made myself a square paper template that is the same size as my the inner square in the purple cake, 4 ¼”.  I also made myself a 2 ¾”square template for the pink cake layer.

First, I lay my 4 ¼” paper template directly onto the top centre of my blue cake.  Then I spread a layer of ganache around the template while leaving a 1” border from the edge of the blue cake.  I remove my paper and place the first 10” purple cake layer on top.  I spread more ganache right to the edges and place my second purple layer on top.



Before adding my gold coins, I am going to clean up any excess ganache that may be oozing into the secret chamber with a small icing spatula.  Now I layer in my gold chocolate coins in three rows of three that are 12 coins high.  Once I was done the purple cake was filled with 108 chocolate coins.



Moving on to the pink cake layers, I covered my coins with my 4 ¼” paper template and spread ganache onto the purple cake leaving a 1” border around the edge.  After removing the paper template, I place a pink cake layer on top, spread on some ganache and add the second pink cake layer.  Once again, I clean the inside of the cake chamber. Now I stack in my gold coins in two rows of two that are 11 coins high, for a total of 44 coins.



The last part of the chamber is added to the pyramid in the same fashion. Covering my coins with the 2 ¾” paper template, spreading ganache, and removing the paper. Adding an orange cake layer, spreading more ganache and placing the second orange cake on top.  I clean the inside of the chamber one last time, and add a single stack of 12 gold coins.



Time to add the two final red cake layers! I thought we would never get here!  Spread ganache onto the top of the orange cake being careful not to ice the top coin.  Place a red cake on top, spread more ganache and place the final red cake on top.



I chilled my cake for 30 minutes before carving, just to ensure less mess when carving my pyramid cake.

To begin carving, I mark the centre of the top of the red cake.  Then I line up a ruler along the sides of my cake, running from that center mark diagonally out to the bottom edge of the green cake.  Use a paring knife to mark the cake on opposite sides in this fashion.  Then slowly cut off the two opposite sides following that angle to create the beginnings of a pyramid.  You want to use a sturdy and sharp serrated knife.  




Now use your ruler once again to mark the remaining two opposite sides of the cake.  Cut the final two sides to reveal your pyramid shape.  I have to admit, I loved the way the cake looked at this point.  I thought it was spectacular.

Crumb coat the entire pyramid with a thin layer of chocolate ganache and chill the cake for 10 minutes.


Covering your Pyramid Cake in Gummies!  

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

12 lbs Multicolour Gummy Candies

I found the perfect square colourful gummy candies at my local bulk store and spent almost an hour separating the colours.  This is the story of my life.  This is what iPod playlist were made for!

Ice your cake with more chocolate ganache, as you go along adding your gummy candies.  Ganache sets quickly, especially on a chilled cake.  Add the gummy candies in neat rows, from the bottom up around all four sides.




It took me 3 hours to ice my cake and add all the candy.  It took a total of 10 lbs 7 oz of candy.  I was so pleased when the pattern ended with a single red gummy on top.  The pattern of colour on the inside matched the pattern of colour on the outside.  Things that make a cake decorator smile ☺


Purple Gummy Guy!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

2 oz Gumpaste

Small Non Stick Rolling Pin

½ oz Fondant

Paring Knife

Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing Color

Wilton Violet Icing Color

Wilton Color Right Base Pink

Paint Brush

Clear Food Grade Alcohol

Royal Icing - find my recipe here

I decided to put the Gummy Drop! character Purple Gummy Guy at the top of my gummy pyramid.  

I made myself a paper template from an image of Purple Gummy Guy that I found online. Then I rolled out my gumpaste, cut out his shape with a sharp knife, and let him dry for a couple of days.

I made his construction hat by rolling out the fondant that I dyed yellow, and gluing it to the top of his head with a little water.  I cut the shape of his hat and added a few details.




Finally I painted the rest of his body with violet and pink food colouring diluted with some white rum.  Once the paint was dry I chose to attach a wooden coffee stir stick to the back of Purple Gummy guy with royal icing.  Once it was completely set, I added him to the top of my cake.

Purple Gummy Guy needed a few gummies in his hand.  You know, to appear like he had helped my build this Gummy Pyramid Cake.



I really had fun making this cake.  It’s also fun to look at, and REALLY fun to eat.  Who knew Egyptian pyramids were filled with Canadian loonies?