Here's a small confession. I love this Banana Cake recipe so much, that I will occasionally let my bananas get overripe on purpose. Just letting them sit on the counter until they start to get that speckled brown look. Then I can say, "Oops! Gotta salvage these poor unused banana somehow...I guess I'll just have to bake Banana Cake". Whether I'm baking a Cake Tee Cake or a slithering Snake Cake, this recipe is a How To Cake It go-to. 


Use my handing baking charts to make the perfect amount for your recipe! 





Making Your Banana Cake! 

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need 

Unsalted butter







Baking soda

Baking powder


Mixing Bowls

Stand mixer with paddle attachment (or electric mixer)



Cake pans (sizes by weight detailed below)

Parchment paper



Line the bottom of your pan with parchment paper. Sift your flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt into a bowl and set aside.

Mash the bananas with your hands and stir in the buttermilk. Set aside.




Beat the butter, sugar and vanilla at medium high speed, with a paddle attachment, until light and fluffy. About 5-8 minutes.

Reduce speed to low while adding the remaining ingredients. Add eggs, 2 at a time. 

Alternate your flour mixture with your banana mixture. Add the flour first and then the banana. Add the flour in 4 parts, and the banana in 3. So it goes: flour, bananas, flour, bananas, flour, bananas, flour.

Remember to scrape the sides of your mixing bowl from time to time, to make sure everything is incorporated. Give the mixture a good stir with a spatula, before pouring into your pan.

Bake according to my trusty baking chart, ensuring that they are fully cooked using the toothpick method.



Allow cakes to cool completely in their pans.