Harry Potter Inspired Butterbeer Mega Cake with Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, Chocolate Frogs, and Homemade Fizzing Whizzbees

Written By Ammie Matte - March 28 2016


Jacqueline Bell
July 06 2016

I love you so much Yolanda! I was extremely excited to see that you made a HARRY POTTER CAKE!!!!!!!!! I am a huge HP fan! I was wondering if it is possible to put a little bit of Simple Syrup on cupcakes.:)

May 21 2016

This looks amazing!! Will you be doing any more Harry Potter cakes? huge HP fan

Also I missed out on the cake wizard tee’s :( as I only just found out about your awesome page/YouTube channel. Any plans to do them again? I would love love love one!!

May 02 2016

Wow! That cake is truly amazing. My sister loves Harry potter ,so I’m gonna make it for her.
Thank u!!!

April 19 2016

I thought that your cake was awesome PS have you tried thinking about making a maple leaf cake with maple syrup infused buttercream????

April 07 2016

Can you make a Percy Jackson cake book cake?

April 07 2016

Can you make a Percy Jackson cake book cake?

April 04 2016

I was scrolling through your cakes, and I was so happy to see a Harry Potter cake! I shared it with my friends. Looks good! Love that cake. Nice job Yolanda!

April 03 2016

Can you make an animal themed cake… or a maple bacon cake?

April 03 2016

What do you do with all the egg yolks after making your buttercream?

April 02 2016

Hi. The link to the recipe for the seven minute frosting isn’t working would you be able to fix that? The cake looks fantastic and I would like to make it. Thank you.

Annabel Law
April 01 2016

this cake looks so good! ps i emailed you hahahha

Rose l.Mary
March 30 2016

ur just so freakin amazin Yo!! A true cake artist :)))

March 30 2016

I love you

Neh French
March 29 2016

Could you try to make real butter beer and add it to ur frosting and if so how long would that take? I am curious because I wanna make that cake but with homemade butter beer in it. Thx for that awesome cake Yolonda it made my day

claudia smith
March 29 2016

thank you!!!!! I have just finished making this cake and it taste so good!!!!!!!

Christian Olsen
March 28 2016

Thank you Yolanda!!! I have been waiting for a Harry Potter cake since I began watching How to Cake It. I can’t wait to try this recipe out!

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