Chocolate & Vanilla Easter Egg Surprise Cakes filled with Easter Candy

Written By Ammie Matte - March 21 2016


May 11 2016

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May 09 2016

Hi Yolanda! I love the gold color you used on this cake. May I ask what luster dust you used.

Thank you! Love you and your work!!!!u

March 28 2016

Do you make your own fondant?

Nikki Camp
March 24 2016

Yolanda I just love your work its so neat and precise. Your an awesome and talented cake artist You go Girl!! Happy Easter

nettie philips
March 23 2016

if I do not have the pan you used, is there still any way I can make this cake?

March 23 2016

I have just one question! How do I make this cake if I can’t find the pan you used?

dolly tayar
March 23 2016

fantastic cake you are the best, i love you so much yolanda

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