There is something about the Oscars that everyone is attracted to.  I think it’s the glamour.  I just can’t resist the gorgeous gowns, tuxedos and all the bling.  I watch the Oscars every year, even though in recent years I haven’t had the time to see any of the movies!

This glamorous night deserves a glamorous snack.  I am making the tuxedo of old fashioned popcorn boxes and topping it off with gold popcorn.  Yes.  Gold Popcorn.  The cake inside will be dressed for the occasion as well.  Alternating layers of black chocolate cake and vanilla cake speckled with mini chocolate chips.  Oh, and did I mention a golden caramel buttercream filling.  That’s right, this cake is all dressed up and ready to eat.



Baking Your Cake!  

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

4lb portion of Yo’s Ultimate Chocolate Cake - find my recipe here

4 lb portion of Yo’s Ultimate Vanilla Cake - find my recipe here

Wilton Black Icing Color

1 ½ cups Mini White Chocolate Chips

1 ½ Mini Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

2 x 12” x 3” Square Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper





Prepare you chocolate cake batter.  Before removing your bowl from your mixer, add the black food colouring and mix until combined. Now add your mini white chocolate chips. Pour this batter into one 12” square pan.

Prepare your vanilla cake batter.  Before removing your bowl from your mixer add the mini semi sweet chocolate chips and mix until combined.  Pour the batter into the second 12” prepared pan.

Bake your cakes according to my handy chart.  They will take about 20 minutes less time to bake because there is less batter than usual, which will be approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Always check your cakes with the toothpick method.  Allow your cakes to cool completely in their pans.

Building Your Popcorn Box!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Italian Meringue Buttercream - find my recipe here

Homemade Caramel - find my recipe here

Simple Syrup - find my recipe here


Serrated Knife

Small Offset Spatula

Offset Spatula

Icing Spatula

5 ¼” square cake board

4 ¼” square cake board

4 wooden dowels

Remove your cakes from their pans and level them.  Cut off a thin layer the bottom and around all four sides of the cake to remove the caramelization.  You will now be left with two 11 ½ “ square cakes that are about 1” high.

Cut both of your cakes into four even squares that are 5 ¾” square.  Shower all eight squares of cake with simple syrup.



Time to make some caramel buttercream.  Stir ½ cup of homemade caramel into 2 cups of Italian meringue buttercream.  Stir the buttercream until no streaks of caramel remain, and it comes together into one decadent filling.  Go on. Taste It.  Decadent right?


We are going start building this cake in two parts.  Begin by placing a black cake square down first.  Spread a layer of caramel buttercream and top with a vanilla chocolate chip square.  Spread more buttercream and top with a black cake square.  One last spread of buttercream and finish with a vanilla square.

Repeat this exact process with your four remaining cake squares to build a second cake.  Place both cakes in the fridge to chill for 20 minutes.




Now that the cakes are chilled and the buttercream has hardened a little, spread a thin layer of buttercream on top of one of the cakes.  Centre the 5 1/4” board on the top of that cake, and spread a thin layer of buttercream onto that board.  

Place the second cake directly on top.  Cut 4 dowels into 8 pieces that are the height of the top cake.  Insert the dowels, spread a thin layer of buttercream , and centre the 4 ¼” on top of the entire cake.



We need to carve the angles of this cake on all four sides.  Starting with one side, from the top down, cut an A-line angle.  The top of the cut should be lined up with the side of the 4 ¼” cake board and angle down to the base of the cake leaving the bottom layer the same width of 5 ¾”.  

Crumb coat the cake and pop it in the fridge to chill.  Then ice your cake once more  to give it a smooth buttercream finish.



Chill the cake for 30 minutes and then flip it over.  Remember what I told you last week?  You just have to FLIP!

Covering your Popcorn Box!

You Will Need:

3 lbs Black Fondant

Icing Sugar

Rolling Pin

Paring Knife


FMM Straight Frill Cutter

Fondant Smoother

Wilton Black Icing Colours

Clear Food Grade Alcohol

Decorating Brush

Working with ¾ lb of fondant at a time, roll out a rectangle that is slightly larger than the height and width of one side of your cake and is 1/8” thick.  Place the rectangle on a cake board, and roll out 3 more rectangles of the same size.

We are going to cut the four slabs of fondant to fit the sides of out cake.  We want each slab to be ¾” higher than our cake. Begin by measuring the width of the sides of the cake at the top. Cut one long side of a slab into a straight line, mark your width measurement and cut another straight line.  Now the slab is the width of your cake sides. Cut a straight line at the bottom of the slab, then cut a fancy edge at the top with a frill cutter. Remember that it should be ¾” higher!



Repeat this process on a second black fondant rectangle.  If the buttercream on the sides of your cake is dry, spread on a really thin layer to ensure our fondant will stick.  Carefully pick up the first cut slab and place it against one side of your cake, with the straight line flush at the bottom.  

Use your fondant smoother to secure the fondant.  Apply the second cut slab to the opposite side of the cake and smooth.  Trim the fondant slabs flush with the sides of your cake.  It’s important to use a very sharp knife, keep a close eye, and feel the knife pressing against the side as you cut.



Re-measure the width of the uncovered sides of the cake.  Cut the final two slabs of rolled black fondant as above, keeping in mind the new width measurement.  Add the slabs to your cake and trim off the excess.  

Dilute some black food colouring with alcohol to create a paint.  Paint all four sides and the inner part of the fondant that sticks out over the cake. It’s Oscar night.  This cake needs a bold black base.  Looking mighty sharp already.



Time to Add The Bling!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

½ lb White Fondant

Wilton Golden Yellow Icing Color

Wilton Alphabet Number Cutouts

Gold Lustre Dust

Decorating Brushes

3 cups Caramel Corn


Dye your fondant a deep yellow with the golden yellow food colouring.  Roll out the fondant into a large thin sheet.  You can do this on more than one section if you feel more comfortable. Just make sure they are a little taller than your cake. You want the fondant to be 1/16’” thick.  

Cut ¾” stripes from the yellow fondant.  I worked out that I could fit 5 stripes per side of my popcorn box.  So I cut 20 stripes plus a few extra just in case.

Now cut out the word CAKE CORN (or whatever you wish) from the fondant as well.


Space out your yellow fondant stripes so that you can paint the this sides of them as well.  Mix the lustre with clear alcohol.  If the mixture thickens as you paint, you can always add a few more drops of alcohol.

Paint all of the stripes, along the sides too, in one direction.  Paint the CAKE CORN letters.  Let the stripes and letter dry.



Add the gold stripes to your popcorn box using a little water brushed on the back as glue.  I added the end striped on each side first.  The measured and added the middle stripe.  Finally I added the second and fourth stripe in between.  Keep in mind that although your stripes are cut straight, they will fan out near the top of your popcorn box because of its upside down A-line shape.  I wonder if that’s called a V-line….

Use a very sharp knife or an Xacto to cut the top of each stripe to match the frill of your box.





Add the CAKE CORN letters in the centre of the front side of your cake.  At this point you can use your paint to touch up any area left exposed, like the top of each stripe now that they are cut.  The favourite Oscar looks always pay attention to detail.

As if caramel corn isn’t fabulous enough.  We are going to make it shimmer.  It will be the star of the show.  The other popcorn boxes will be like - I wish I thought of that.

Sprinkle gold luster onto your caramel corn and toss.  Fill the top of your popcorn box cake with this shiny popcorn.  


This glamorous Cake Corn box just stole the show!  “Who are you wearing?”  the crowd shouts at her on the red carpet.  She smiles coyly at the crowd and says, “I’m wearing Delicious” and gives a wink. ;)



PS - Looking to make your cake scraps into glam Oscar Night treats? Turn my favourite Mug Cake into a Champagne Flute Cake!