Vanilla Spaghetti & Meatballs Cake with Raspberry Buttercream Sauce and Banana Chocolate Meatballs

Written By Ammie Matte - February 15 2016


Camille Volckmar
June 28 2016

Hi Yolanda, just wondering if there are any other ways to make the noodles without a Kitchen Aid?

Vicki Chatham
June 06 2016

I have sat and watched your video’s every day for hours. However, I was wondering if you could make a standing roller skate (with the wheels, laces, stop-the rubber thing you use to stop your skates) My son-n-law owns a skating rink and his birthday is coming up soon. I would love to make this cake for him. Also, can you tell me the difference between fondant and modeling chocolate. I think you said the only difference between fondant and gum paste was that the gum paste dries harder. One more question, how do you clean all of the powder sugar/corn starch off the fondant?
Thank you so much,
Vicki Chatham – A new follower

May 25 2016

Love your work it is just floorless.

Kelly v.A.
April 04 2016

With limited support, I’m recreating your fabulous cake! I will be auctioning it off at our annual highschool senior spaghetti supper/auction! I hope it turnes out well, I’ve never made a cake this big before!
-Kelly v.A (17y)

April 04 2016

I’m attempting to recreate your cake for our senior auction/spaghetti supper (ironic) in highschool, I have many people doubting me but I’m still going to try! I hope I pull it off!
-Kelly v.A. (17y)

March 22 2016

you are soooo awesome yo. This cake is like the best looking cake i have EVER seen… NO JOKE. You are very talented and I love you to the limit and beyond. I dont even know what to say on your creations im in seriouse awe and its an honor that i get to witness your greatness. You should have your own T.V show and even be on the Ellen show. You deserve much more than 2 mill. subscribers by your birthday. You deserve that ultimate subscribe button where everybody in the world is automaticaly subscribed!!! You are a gift from god. Your fam has to be proud of you… You have my support, my families support, my mothers support>haha, my friends, their friends, their friends family etc. keep on baking girl

All love from 10 yr.old girl, Ayanna

March 15 2016

Love Your Cakes and enjoy watching you make them.Blessings to you and your business.

February 22 2016

Wow yo, your really talented please put Jocelyn on how to cake it , what’s your favorite cake you’ve made so far.

February 17 2016

Yolanda, you never fail to make me laugh! i love your videos, and very much enjoy watching all of them! it is very inspiring to watch you do what you do, it makes me wanna bake! and i do.. there is usually a cake in my house now, haha! cannot wait to see more of your creations!

Laurent Pena
February 16 2016

Hi Yolanda. Ni love to see your program or videos. You are teaching at the same time. Love all the cake you make.

How long did the pasta cake took you to finished it. It was amazing

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