If only I could lie on a beach right now.  It’s SO cold in Toronto at the moment, I can’t help but daydream.  Since I can’t be on a beach – I can cake a beachI’m going to bake my favourite coconut cake, fill it with refreshing lemon curd and coconut buttercream, and decorate it like a beach.  Bubbles, sea shells, edible sand, mineral deposits, and of course, gumpaste pink palm trees so I can stay in the shade when I need to.



I’m going to close my eyes, eat a slice, and be transported to a warmer climate.


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Where Do I Buy All My Ingredients & Tools??

I wanted this cake to be ALL about relaxing, and forgetting about winter weather. You know what doesn't help forgetting about the cold? Having to go shopping for CAKE SUPPLIES in it! So, as always, I've organized my ingredients and tools for you right here, so that you can stay warm in your house, and wait for the supplies to come to you. Ahhhhhh. 

For the Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

3 x 8” round Coconut Cakes - find my recipe here

1 x recipe Lemon Curd - find my recipe here

1 x recipe Italian Meringue Buttercream - find my recipe here

Simple Syrup - find my recipe here

1 can of Creamed Coconut (I used Cream of Coconut Pina Colada Mix)

Wilton Teal Icing Colors

Wilton Kelly Green Icing Color


Serrated Knife


Piping Bag

#803 Round Piping Tip

Offset Spatula

Icing Spatula

Small Offset Spatula

Small Icing Spatula

Rubber Spatula

You can make your lemon curd a day ahead so that it is well chilled when you are ready to assemble your beach cake.


Level all three of your coconut cakes and cut them in half so that each cake becomes two layers.  


We are going to transform some of our Italian Meringue buttercream into mouthwatering coconut buttercream.  This happens to be one of my favourite flavours.  Whisk in 1/2 cup of creamed coconut into 2 cups of buttercream.  


Time to assemble our beach cake!  Remember to sprinkle all six layers of cake with simple syrup.  Fill your piping bag fitted with the #803 tip with some coconut buttercream.  

Starting with the bottom layer, pipe a fence of coconut buttercream around the top edge.  Fill the centre of the fence by spreading a later of lemon curd.  I like to use my small offset spatula for this.



Place the next simple syrup soaked layer of coconut cake on top.  Now spread on a layer coconut buttercream.  

Repeat this process by alternating the lemon curd filling and the coconut buttercream until your cake is stacked all the way to the top.  Then give your cake a nice crumb coat with the remaining coconut buttercream.  Pop your cake in the fridge to chill for 20 minutes, or until the buttercream is firm.

From your remaining Italian meringue buttercream, we are going to colour 2 cups to ice our cake.  Place 1 cup of buttercream into two separate bowls. We want to create two shades of teal.  Dye the first cup of buttercream a nice deep teal with the Wilton colours. Then take a dollop of that buttercream and mix it into your second bowl of white buttercream to achieve a lighter shade.


To ice this cake, add your buttercream in patches all around the cake, using the darker teal, the lighter teal and some white buttercream.  Ice the top of your cake with white buttercream. Then smooth and blend all the buttercream on the sides together by icing your cake all the way around with an icing spatula.  Normally, we would smooth the top of our cake by dragging in the excess buttercream that accumulates all along the top edge.  But in this case, I feel like it looks like the perfect wave breaking on the shoreline.  So we are going to leave it just the way it is, natural and uneven.



If you feel like the colour along the sides of your cake has blended too much, just add more colour in patches where it is needed.  Gently smooth out these little patches with your small offset spatula until you are happy with the look.

Let's Decorating our Beach Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

¼ cup light brown sugar

¼ cup graham crumbs

Pearl Dragées

White Candy Beads

4 oz Gumpaste

Silicone Sea Shell Mold

Pearl Lustre Dust

Pink Lustre Dust

Wilton Rose Pink Icing Color

Clear Food Grade Alcohol (like white rum or vodka; lemon extract can be used as a substitute) 

Paint Brush

3 egg whites

4 cups Icing Sugar

Vegetable Shortening

Microwave Safe Bowls


I made a few decorations to dress the cake ahead of time.  I found a cute palm tree illustration online that I printed to make myself a template.  I rolled out a thin piece of gumpaste and cut out two trees.  I set them aside for a couple of days to dry completely.

I decided to paint my palm trees a fun, bright pink.  I diluted some Wilton Rose Pink with a little white rum and painted the surface of my gumpaste palm trees.  Let these gorgeous pink palms dry completely before placing them on top of your cake.




Then I made some gumpaste shells, using a silicone mold.  Just press the gumpaste into the various shapes in the mold, and bend back the mold to remove them.  Set these shells aside to dry as well.

Once the shells were dry, I brushed on pearl and pink lustre dusts to bring them to life.  I love collecting sea shells.  I would definitely add these shells to my collection if I found them on the sea shore.



To make the mineral deposits, you need to make royal icing.  Combine the egg whites and the icing sugar into a mixing bowl.  Beat the mixture for 5-7 minutes until it forms stiff peaks.  You can use a hand mixer as well.

Grease the inside of your bowls and place ½ cup of royal icing into each.  Microwave each bowl for 1 minute.  If the royal icing isn’t puffed, microwave for another 30 seconds.  Use caution when removing your bowls from the microwave.  They will be very hot and sugar really burns!

Allow the puffy royal icing to cool completely in the bowls.  I used various sized bowls and even some measuring cups so that I would get various formations and different sized air bubbles within them.  Also, I don’t have eight bowls that are exactly the same size

Use a fork to break the royal icing into pieces.  Select the best pieces that you want to put on your beach cake.



This beach cake needs sand! Mix the light brown sugar and graham crumbs together.  Sprinkle the mixture on top of your cake within the circle created by the buttercream waves.  



To decorate the side of the cake add a nice arrangement of mineral deposits along the bottom.  Then add an arrangement of gumpaste seashells. You can use a dab of buttercream as your glue.




Have fun throwing on the pearl dragées and white candy beads to add some air bubbles around the cake.  Finally place your pink palm trees and a few shells on the top of your cake to finish it off.


I don’t know about you, but this cake brings sunshine into my life!  Since I can’t be on a beach, I’ll enjoy a slice and let it Cake Me Away.