New Year’s Resolutions.  Seems like I make the same one every year.  This is the year I will exercise more.  I often feel like the only exercise I get is chasing my son around or lifting heavy cakes.  Then I had a thought!  What if I lift cake weights?  That has to count for something, right?  I think It is a step in the right direction.


** Speaking of goals...I've got a BIG goal for How To Cake It! On February 9th, we'll be celebrating the one year anniversary of my YouTube channel. Can you believe it's been that long already?? And for my How To Cake It birthday there is nothing more in the world that I want than to celebrate with 1 million YouTube subscribers! We're getting so close guys, so make sure you subscribe, tell your friends to subscribe, tell your family to subscribe, tell your dog to subscribe (what? I heard he likes the cat videos...), and let's get to a cool mil. <3 

To celebrate my 2016 New Year’s resolution I am making weights, a dumbbell and a kettlebell all out of vanilla cake.  Let the workout begin!



Where Do I Buy All My Ingredients & Tools??

Seriously, running around town sourcing caking supplies can be MORE than a workout. That's why I organized all of my ingredients and tools on my Parsel page for you here

Baking the Cakes!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

2 x 6lb portion of Vanilla Cake - find my recipe here

2 x 4” square cake pans

1 x 5” sphere cake pan

1 x 7” round cake pan

1 x 8” round cake pan

1 x 10” round cake pan

1 x 12” round cake pan

Prepare your vanilla cake batter and fill your cake pans as follows:

¾ lb into each 4” square cake pan

1 lb into each 5” sphere half pan and 7” round pan

1 ½ lbs into the 8” round pan

2 ½ lbs into the 10” round pan

3 ½ lbs into the 12” round pan

Bake your cakes at 350º until a toothpick inserted into the centre comes out clean.  I have this handy chart but these cakes might take a little less time to bake because they are lower than usual.  Always test your cakes!



Shaping Your Cake Weights!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Italian Meringue Buttercream - find my recipe here

Simple Syrup - find my recipe here


Serrated Knife

Small Icing Spatula

Small Offset Spatula

Circle Cutters 1 ½” & 3 ¼”

Level the 7” and 8” round cake to 1 ¾” height.  Then cut them into two layers so that you now have two 7” round and two 8” round cake layers that are each 7/8” high. For tips on levelling your cakes, you can find my video tutorial here

Level the 10”  and 12” round cakes to be 1 ¼” high. You now have a total of six round cakes.

Remember to level the sphere cakes while still in the cake pans.  Use the top of the pan as your guide.

Level both 4” square cakes and cut them into a hexagon shape.  I traced around a hexagon cutter and used the paper as my template.  Then cut of the edges of the hexagon to bevel them.  You should make 12 cuts in total to each hexagon cake since there are six edges on each side.



Drizzle all of your cakes with simple syrup, crumb coat them and chill for 20 minutes.




Now that your cakes are chilled, use your 1 ½”circle cutter to cut a hole out of the centre of all six round cakes.  Use your ruler to help you find the centre.

Ice all of your round cakes, including the two hexagons and the two half spheres filled and sandwiched together to become one ball.  Place them all back in the fridge to chill for 30 minutes.

Remember to wet your hands and smooth out the ridges in your sphere cake before you cover it.



Covering Your Cakes!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

5 lbs Black Fondant

1 lb Orange Fondant

½ lb Red Fondant

¾ lb Purple Fondant

Rolling Pin

Icing Sugar

Paring Knife

Fondant Smoother

12” Plastic Dowel Rod

Clear Piping Gel

Paint Brush

I kneaded my orange and red fondant together to create a bright colour.  This is a great cake to use your fondant leftovers for.  Fitness apparatus comes in all colours - so have fun!

Roll out six black fondant circles that are a little larger than each one of your round cakes.  Use your cake pans to cut each circle to the exact size of your cake.  Place the cake pan on top of your fondant circle, right side up.  Trim the fondant circle by running your paring knife through the fondant using the cake pan as a guide.




Lay each fondant circle onto the corresponding chilled round cake.  Place a cake pan on top of the fondant that is 2” smaller then the size of your cake.  For example, place a 10” cake pan on top of your 12” cake.  Measure to check that it is centered.  Then trim around the cake pan with your sharp knife as you did before.  Remove the inner circle of fondant, keeping it intact.

From this inner circle, you need to cut a strip of fondant that is the height of your cake as well as a ring to place at the centre of your cake.

Cut a circle with the 3 ¼” cutter and then cut out an inner circle with the 1 ¼” circle cutter you used to cut the middle of your cakes.  You should now have a fondant “O”.  

Cut a strip of fondant that is the height of your cake.  Roll up the strip and place it into the centre hole of your cake.  Use your finger to press it into the cake, or even the end of a paint brush.

Now place the fondant “O” onto the top centre of your cake.  Use your paring knife to trim a slight bevel on the top edge of your fondant all around the circumference each cake.  Weight plates are slightly rounded at the edges.  If there are any gaps between the outer fondant circle and the cake, just fill them with a little buttercream.


Cover all six weight plates with black fondant rolled out to be 1/8” thick.  Use your fingertips and the edge of your fondant smoother to help guide your fondant into the grooves on top of your cake that are created by the fondant circles underneath.

Cover your two hexagon cakes in two parts.  Cover one side and then the other cutting a clean seam where the fondant meets.  Roll out some more purple fondant, and cut two bands that are the width of the sides of your hexagon cakes and long enough to wrap around.  Brush a little water onto the sides of your cakes, over the seam, and cover it with the band.

Cover your plastic dowel rod with the same purple fondant, leaving 3” exposed on both ends. I secured my fondant to the dowel rod with some clear piping gel.



Finally it is time to cover your kettle bell.  If you have any creases in your fondant that you wish to conceal, I write about my handy tricks here


Final Details!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

3 oz Gumpaste

Wilton Black Pearl Dust

Silver Highlighter

Black Petal Dust

Purple Luster

Blue Luster

FMM Tappit

#7 Round Piping Tip

20 Gauge Floral Wire

Paint Brush

Clear Food Grade Alcohol (Like vodka or white rum. Lemon extract is a good alcohol free substitution.)

Vegetable Shortening

Garden Shears

I painted all six of my weight plate cakes with a combination of black pearl dust, silver highlighter and a matte black petal dust.  I mixed all the powders together and diluted them with white rum.  



I used a block letter and number Tappit to cut out the weight increments and label my weight plates.  I labeled the 7” rounds as 2 lbs, the 8” rounds as 2.5 pounds, the 10” round as 10 lbs and the 12” as 20 lbs.  I used my #7 piping tip to cut out the decimal points.

Then I painted my two hexagon cakes and the covered dowel with a combination of purple and blue luster diluted with white rum.  I labeled the dumbbell with a number 10 on each end of the weight.  Once all three parts were dry, I carefully poked each end of the dowel into a hexagon cake.  You can trim the exposed part of the dowel as needed with some garden shears.



I made a handle for my kettlebell a couple of days before making the cake.  I mixed a little bit of my black fondant into my gumpaste to create a nice grey base. I rolled it into a ¾” thick tube and guided a 20 gauge floral wire all the way through the centre of the tube.  Bend the tube, with the wire inside to create what looks like a handle and set it aside to dry.  Keep in mind the size of your kettlebell.  I made sure the ends of my handle were 4” apart before setting it aside to dry.



Once your handle is dry, you can brush on a thin layer of vegetable shortening and use a dry brush to polish on some silver highlighter.  Press the handle down into your ball cake until the base and the top of the cake meet.  Roll out some of your leftover orangey red fondant, cut two strips, and wrap them around the base of the handle.



So what do you say guys? Are we going to workout more in 2016! I think we should after eating all this cake