Your New Years Resolutions As Cakes

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New Year’s resolutions have kind of a stuffy reputation. Demanding perfection and obsessing over rigid rules is no way to live- so why not aim for a little more balance this year? Here are five cakes that represent our more balanced and self-compassionate new year's resolutions. They’d also make an excellent addition to any NYE party. Because we’re aiming for self compassion this year, but...we may still have a bit of a competitive edge when it comes to the dessert table. Happy New Year, friends! We love you and we hope this is your best year yet.     

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  • Fitness goals are for sure a New Year’s resolution cliche. It makes sense, after  a cozy season of holiday indulgence, we all tend to feel a bit sluggish. But an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting, all-or-nothing exercise extremes and restriction are some things we’re stepping away from, because true health is so much more about balance than extremes. Nothing represents balance better than yoga (or in our case, a delicious giant yoga mat cake)- an incredible practice that can improve strength, fitness, and flexibility while also being grounding and meditative. Whether you prefer a studio or doing Yoga With Adriene in your own living room, we think this cake would be an excellent addition to your practice. 

  • While diet culture is soooo last year, we’re all about getting more veggies into our meals. When you cake it as much as we do, it’s pretty vital to make sure you’re getting all your nutrients and vitamins. Smoothies, stir fry, and yes, even salads all have their place on our plates in between dessert courses. Balance, baby! But if you’re feeling a little cheeky and want to make a cake impersonating something a little healthier, why not make the unofficial millennial mascot- with this adorable giant Avocado Toast Cake! Trendy, tasty, and a little hilarious, no?   

  • Finances are always stressful, but you know what’s not stressful? Freakin’ cake! This adorable Piggy Bank Cake was our cake take on Lunar New Year 2020, red envelopes and all. So whether you’re trying to stick to your budget, finding small ways to cut back on expenses or even teaching a kiddo in your life about the value of saving, a little cute little cake is a pretty sweet reward.

  • After what feels like a lifetime of being trapped in our homes, the world getting vaccinated and opening up means travel is back on the table. Did you hear that? Just us screaming with joy and dancing around the room. This incredible Vintage Suitcase Cake is a great way to celebrate, and would be an especially impressive way to ask someone to go on a trip with you. You know, all grand gesture-y or whatever? Whether it’s camping or a road trip or a flight to somewhere warm and sunny, we hope you get to make your 2022 travel dreams come true!

  • Spending time with the people we love is one of the best parts of being alive. But it’s so easy to let work and obligations eat up so much time, that precious little is left for our friends and family. This Swimming Pool Cake is symbolic of summer fun, whether that’s a getaway with your girlfriends or a beach day with family. And what better way to kick off the fun and show them how much you love them than with a baller cake?

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