Hey, Earth Signs! Here's How Your Zodiac Affects Your Bakes

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Keep your feet on the ground and your cake in the oven!  

The earth signs 🌎 — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — appreciate the finer things. These discerning individuals enjoy fine food more than any other sign. Combine that with their high standards, and you know any bake an earth sign shares with you is going to be goooooood.

Earth-sign bakers have two kitchen super powers: They don't frustrate easily, and they never give up on projects. If their first batch of macarons comes out flat, they'll give it another go. If the next batch doesn't have a shine, third time's a charm. If the third batch doesn't have that crisp-outside, chewy-inside texture, earth signs will head straight to the grocery store, buy more almond flour, and try, try again. By the time they're done, these bakers will make better macarons than the finest pâtissier in France.    

Earth signs can also be a bit materialistic. Their kitchens are likely stocked with all the baking tools they can fit. But hey, when it comes time to bake, these signs are always prepared — and their projects go more smoothly because of it.  

Let's take a closer look at each of the earth signs to see how their zodiac affects their life as a baker. 

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  • People who fall under the Taurus sign are born between April 20 and May 20. This sign is symbolized by the bull 🐂, and like the animal, Tauruses can be a bit bull-headed. If you ask a Taurus to bake vanilla cupcakes for your birthday, but they prefer chocolate, there's a good chance you're getting chocolate. 

    But beyond being hard-headed, these bakers are incredibly hard-working. They have the persistence to pull off a multi-part recipe, like this Mega Breakfast Cake (cake, waffles, cinnamon rolls, and crumble, plus two types of frosting — you need drive to make that happen!). 

    Because of all their hard work, Tauruses experience a lot of growth, which is why this sign is associated with the color green — the same color we use in our Taurus Zodiac Sprinkle Blend. This artisan sprinkle blend includes bits of gem-stone-esque rock candy for extra artistic flare. 

    Tauruses are natural artists, so these creative individuals would appreciate taking a class with a dessert artist. Their innate appreciation for beauty will help Tauruses master the elaborate decorations. 

  • Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos are symbolized by the virgin. 💃 But don't picture a demure and inexperienced sort of virgin. Instead, imagine an independent, "I don't need no man" virgin.

    In fact, Virgos can be so independent that they think they can do everything on their own. But, enlisting the help of an expert from time to time — by taking a class with an expert baker, perhaps 😉 — will help these perfectionists achieve the flawless finish they're looking for. 

    Virgos could also use a good sprinkle blend to hide those little flaws — like a smudge in their icing — that might otherwise drive them crazy. The cool blue tones of our Virgo Zodiac Sprinkle Blend will help these bakers stay calm in the face of imperfections. 

    Virgos sometimes spend years perfecting a single recipe, making small adjustments each time they bake. But they could save themselves time by starting with a recipe that's already tested and perfected, like Yo's Ultimate Chocolate Cake

  • Our last earth sign, Capricorn, is born between December 22 and January 19. Its symbol is the mythical sea goat — a creature that's half goat 🐐 and half fish 🧜. The sea goat is meant to symbolize Capricorn's ambitious side, ready to climb the steepest mountains, combined with their sensitive side, swimming in the depths of the sea. 

    Capricorn bakers will love making a recipe as ambitious as they are, like this Pecan Pie Mega Cake with layers of pecan pie, chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, rich caramel, caramel apples, spiced nuts, and Italian meringue buttercream. Because Capricorns always finish what they start, they'd also do well with a longer baking project, like this Cake Decorating Masterclass

    People who fall under this sign also enjoy status, which is reflected in the rich tones and shimmering gold dragées of our Capricorn Zodiac Sprinkles Blend. And the beautifully decorated desserts they make with these sprinkles will definitely up Capricorns' status as bakers. 


    Everyone could benefit from a few more earth signs in their life. People who fall under these signs are patient, practical, and grounded. They show us what it takes to become a good baker: hard work and dedication. 

    Well, we'd like to show our dedication to these amazing individuals! That's why we made our set of Earth Sign Zodiac Sprinkles. Each blend represents something we love about Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Thank you, earth signs, for being part of our baking community! 

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