Hey, Air Signs! Here's How Your Zodiac Affects Your Bakes

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For these signs, baking is a breeze!

If you want a breath of fresh air in the kitchen, 🌬 bake with an air sign. The air signs — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — are full of big ideas. Spend an afternoon in front of the oven with one, and you may find yourself whipping up lemon-lavender macarons and stacking them in the shape of the Eiffel Tower (or doing something equally fantastic that only an air sign could dream up!). 

These signs can go a little too far into fantasy land, though, so they could use a little help with the practical execution of their ideas. And since they're social butterflies, 🦋 air signs will happily accept all the help — and company! — they can get. These bakers get along with everyone and will jump at the chance to make their baking hobby more social. 

Air signs would love to join a baking club where they can share their ideas and make new friends. And because these bakers are great problem solvers, they'll be able to help their new friends find solutions to their biggest baking dilemmas. 

Let's take a closer look at each of the air signs to see how their zodiac affects their life as a baker. 

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  • Born between May 21 and June 21, Geminis are symbolized by the twins. 👯 This symbol has given Geminis a bad rap with many assuming it means they're two-faced or have a split personality. The truth is we can all be silly or serious, happy or sad, energetic or lazy — Geminis are just better at embracing the duality of their personality.  

    Bakers born under this sign can embrace that duality in their baking (and poke a little fun at anyone who's misjudged them) with a recipe that combines two opposite flavors — chocolate and vanilla. This Cookies and Cream Mega Cake alternates between layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with plenty of Oreo cookies in between. It's a witty way to show everyone that having two sides can be a good thing. 

    Geminis love all things witty, and these chatty individuals have plenty of clever things to say. So, Gemini bakers will love decorating their cakes and cookies with their personal witticisms. To get started, they can take a cookie decorating class and learn some lettering skills. 

    For more dessert decorations that are just sooo Gemini, these bakers can reach for their very own Gemini Zodiac Sprinkles. This bright yellow sprinkle blend captures these individuals' energy and positivity. 

  • Libras are born between September 23 to October 22. Symbolized by the scales, ⚖️ people born under this sign prioritize balance, fairness, and justice. If you ask a Libra to slice a cake, you can be sure that every slice will be the exact same size. 

    Sometimes, though, Libras can be so concerned about being fair to others that they forget about themselves. This sign needs to remember that taking care of ourselves is an important part of living a balanced life. When Libra bakers are feeling stressed, they can rejuvenate and reclaim some me-time with a baking class


    That extra bit of relaxation will help Libras maintain their calm and collected demeanor. We captured this sign's cool-headedness with the soothing blues, purples, and pinks in our Libra Zodiac Sprinkles. This sprinkle blend will help Libras make their baked goods more beautiful — and these bakers are true lovers of beauty. 

    In their personal lives, their appreciation for beauty can get Libras accused of being shallow. But, in their baking lives, it's only an asset. These bakers make the most beautiful desserts and will love trying a recipe that's all about design, like this Rainbow Drip Cake

  • Anyone born between January 20 and February 18 is an Aquarius. Because this sign is symbolized by the water bearer,🏺many people mistake Aquarius for a water sign, but surprise! It's most definitely an air sign. 

    Like other air signs, Aquarians think deeply, and the water bearer actually symbolizes this sign's ability to bring knowledge to the world. The watery blues and greens in our Aquarius Zodiac Sprinkle Blend reflect that free flow of ideas. 

    These forward-thinkers are natural trend setters — most Aquarians probably saw the donut trend coming from a mile away, and they're already onto the next hot thing. Bakers who fall under this sign will love learning to bake the next trendy small treat before anyone else sees it coming.  

    These out-of-the box individuals will also enjoy baking something completely original, like these Bubblepop Electric Cupcakes. Topped with a shimmering bubble and filled with a gooey bubblegum-flavored center, these cupcakes are imaginative and unique — just like our Aquarian friends.  

    🌬 We Love Our Easy, Breezy Air Signs 🌬

    Super social air signs flit from one baking project to the next, showing everyone what they've learned along the way. These intellectual individuals love to share their knowledge and look out for their community. That's why we're so happy to have air signs as a part of our community. 

    We're celebrating these incredible individuals with a collection of zodiac sprinkles inspired by the things we love most about Geminis, Libras, and Aquarians. Thank you, air signs, for sharing your baking smarts! 

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