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Much like Beyonce, cupcakes are an undeniable classic. They are as much a hit at an elementary school birthday bash as they are at a bougie brunch or wedding table.

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Long gone are the days of a basic vanilla or chocolate- cupcakes have now become a canvas for unbelievable flavors and creative decorations. With an internet full of recipes and instagram accounts churning out new inspiration constantly, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect cupcake project, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cute cupcake inspo to help you narrow it down. Because we may not all be Queen Bey, but we all deserve our cupcakes to be...flawless (sorry not sorry for that one). 

1. Jyoti’s strawberry cupcakes 

We are Crazy In Love with these strawberry cupcakes that are the PERFECT way to make the most of berry season. Jyoti pairs sweet berries with the tang and depth of sour cream to create a perfectly balanced cupcake. Join Jyoti for a live baking class where she will introduce you to some delectable new small treats to add to your baking repertoire!

2. Lamb funfetti cupcakes 

It would be impossible to do a cute cupcake roundup without including these incredibly adorable Lamb Funfetti cuties. Funfetti batter and purple cream cheese frosting make a tasty base, but the cuteness of these lay in the mini fondant details, royal icing faces, and sprinkle details. 

3. Dalgona cupcakes 

If, like us, you’ve found yourself spending too much time on TikTok or instagram over the last year you probably encountered the Dalgona coffee craze. Taking instant coffee and turning it into the most delicious icy whipped beverage blew our much so that Jyoti (aka @thepurplecupcake_) made a cupcake version! Cue our minds being blown for a second time. 

4. Cookie butter cupcakes

Speculoos/Cookie butter is one of those magical European products that literally sounds like it’s from a fictional book about wizard children or something. Butter...made from...cookies? Where do we sign up? 

It’s getting easier and easier to find cookie butter in North America and Nick’s Cookie butter cupcake recipe takes this delicious flavor and runs with it. We’re talking cookie butter center, topped with crushed speculoos cookies, topped with a swirl of fluffy cookie butter frosting, and finished off with a drizzle of cookie butter and speculoos cookies. Because when we fall for something, we fall hard. 

5. Cupcake Decorating Inspo

Even a basic cake batter can become a gorgeous set of cupcakes with the right decorations. If you’re less of a precise recipe follower and more of a “make it up as I go”-er, this is the inspo for you. 

You can pick a buttercream recipe from our collection, then customize it for whatever occasion or craving you’re baking for. You can add chopped fruit, chocolates or candy into the buttercream or on top of it (we’re particularly fond of a peanut butter chocolate combo). If fruit or chocolate isn’t your thing, or you’re not ready to stop there, check out our sprinkles for a selection of colors and shapes you won’t find anywhere else. 

If you’re looking to make the most epic (Sasha) Fierce cupcakes imaginable, adding flakes of edible gold leaf and glitter is basically a guarantee that you’ll be the envy of the bake sale/baby shower/wedding you’ve crashed but still want to make a good impression at. Because guess what? We ain’t sorry. 

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