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A crispness in the air. The first leaves are starting to change color. A compulsion to pull out your scarves and sweaters, to light candles and get cozy. Here in Ontario, September cues that subtle shift from hot and humid into the cozy bliss of Fall. Is it basic to love Autumn? Cheugy even? We couldn’t care less, because Fall is the ideal time to get back into a warm kitchen and bake our heart out. This month we’ve curated five Fall bakes you’ll love so you can spend less time scrolling for inspo and more time whipping up cozy treats everyone will love. 

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  • Yo’s red velvet cake recipe is a classic any time of year, but the deep burgundy color of this beauty feels especially at home in Autumn. Whether you want to follow in Yo’s footsteps and turn it into a bloody human heart for a creepy horror lover in your life or just use it for the base as a more palatable design for like, your fancy mother in law, this rich and lucious recipe is always a crowd pleaser. 

  • Pumpkin spice has gotten a bad rap over the last couple years, but there’s a reason why these warm and spicy flavors are a perfect match for Fall. Take a basic pumpkin spice cake to the next level by turning it into an actual pumpkin with our super realistic Pumpkin cake recipe. Layers of chocolate ganache and Italian meringue buttercream separate four layers of perfectly leveled cakes to create a pumpkin globe, covered in orange fondant and dusted ground ginger and cloves. Pumpkin spice forever!

  • Close your eyes and picture a candy apple. That perfectly glossy red coating is like a siren call, but let’s be honest, the second you actually sink your teeth into one, a candy apple seems like less of a treat and more of a dental liability. Much easier on your jaw? These Candy apple cakes which have all the visual appeal of a candy apple but are soft and moist. Don’t be deceived by it’s shiny exterior though, this perfect recipe for picky eaters since it employs vanilla cake and Italian meringue buttercream for it’s interior.

  • If you’re looking for an absurdly easy edible decoration that will delight kids and kids at heart, look no further than the crackly, crunchy Caramel cobwebs from our Harry potter Butterbeer mega cake. Sure you could make the entire Butterbeer cake, but if you’re short on time or just looking to try out a new technique, the cobwebs are quick, fun, and obviously delicious. 

  • Warning! This one isn’t for the faint of heart or the prim & proper set. Cakes simply do not get spookier, grosser, or more fun than this Halloween roulette cake. This is a slightly more advanced bake but well worth the effort. Gathering your family or friends around and taking turns eating a gorgeous cake embedded with secret disgusting fillings? Now that’s what we call a memory maker! 

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