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There’s just something so rejuvenating about the new year, right? New beginnings, a fresh start, and a chance to refocus on the things we love. Around here, we love all things baking, desserts, and decorating, so in preparation for the new year we decided to share five of our top tips to make this your best year of baking! No, technically, licking frosting off spatulas and beaters isn’t on the list, but just so you know we always, ALWAYS encourage that. Obviously.

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  • You wouldn’t take up painting without purchasing a few brushes, or get into Tennis without a good racket and some solid sneakers. So why do so many of us expect to bake like a pro without setting ourselves up with the proper tools?

    Great baking tools can be broken down into two different categories. The first is good quality basics, tools that will last a lifetime ensuring even bakes and pristine decorations. A set of professional grade pans, a bench scraper, piping tips, a great set of bowls with lids- the basics are tools that will last a lifetime and ensure even bakes and pristine decorations.the staples every baker will use a million times. Whether you’re new to baking or ready to upgrade from

    The second category is genius gadgets for frequent bakers to save you time, mess and waste. The MixerMate is an ingenious spatula specifically made to fit around your stand mixer’s paddle so you won’t waste a drop of batter or buttercream. If you do a lot of mixing by hand, a Staybowlizer will make a stable support on any surface and prevent slipping. The cookie turntable is a lifesaver for the serious cookie decorator looking for more mobility and less soreness, and these piping bag clips make keeping royal icing organized a breeze. 


  • Our live baking tutorials are designed to teach you new skills and expand your recipe repertoire. Who better to learn from than the best bakers on the internet like Jyoti Nanra (@thepurplecupcake_), Megan Warne (@downtowndoughto) and a bunch of other instagram baking legends. In addition to the class you get to keep the workbook and a recording of the tutorial, so you can revisit it as much as you want and hone those skills, baby. Oh, and did we mention that new classes are released every month? So there’s quite literally always something new to learn, and something delicious to eat. 

  • Whether or not practice makes perfect, there’s definitely no way to become a better baker without actually baking. You may have some standard go-to recipes, but a great way to stretch your baking muscles is by incorporating and practicing new treats and techniques. Our digital activity books are gorgeous, full of detailed technique instructions and exclusive recipes to help you conquer everything from macarons to mini cakes. These are great for learning a base skill and then riffing on it or playing around with different versions. Plus the more you practice, the more treats, right? 

  • One easy way to level up your baking is to improve your decorating game. Even the most delicious cake in the world will look sloppy and amateur without a tidy coat of buttercream, and a simple vanilla cake can be completely transformed into a showstopper with the right blend of textures and colors. Superstar cake artist Yolanda Gampp’s Cake Decorating Masterclass is our signature video course to take you through the A-Z’s of decorating techniques at your own pace. The masterclass includes lifetime access to the videos, a Q&A forum section to get instant help and feedback from the team, and monthly livestreams with Yolanda. Become the cake decorating superstar of your dreams and never have to put up with your aunt condescendingly referring to your desserts as “rustic” ever again. 

  • As much as learning and practicing are key to improving as a baker, it’s just as vital to stay inspired and build community with other bakers. Scrolling baking Instagram and Pinterest are a great way to find new treats to tackle. Baking TikTok will introduce you to new trends earlier than anywhere else, although don’t be surprised if your vocaubular starts sounding a lot younger and more hip, bestie. Being a part of a community that loves the same things will help hype you up to perfect your piping skills and take delicious risks. We are so proud that HTCI has built such a strong community of baking enthusiasts, and it’s our goal to keep inspiring and educating you. 

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