5 Swoon-Worthy Cakes To Bake This Valentine’s Day

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Is there anything more romantic than a fresh baked goody made specially for you by your sweetie? Sorry to sound so cheesy instead of our signature clever witty selves, but this holiday brings out the soft sweet side in us! It’s no surprise that our favorite love language is cake, so for the big day of love we highly recommend caking up a tasty display of affection. Whether you’re trying to impress your significant other, making something for the beloved kiddos in your life, or going all out for your very lucky co-workers, here are five cake options that will blow people’s minds and delight their taste buds. They might even earn you a smooch or two, who could say?

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  • Okay, we’re starting out with something absolutely extraordinary, for those of you who like going a little (or a lot) above and beyond. Sure a box of chocolates may be a little cliche for Valentine’s Day, but what about a box of handmade chocolates...and by box we mean cake. When Yolanda created this Chocolate & Edible Box Cake she wanted to come up with a truly show stopping Valentine’s dessert that could double as a stunning centerpiece. This chocolate box cake features over seven pounds of chocolate cake and ultra rich dark chocolate ganache, fondant details, and is filled with homemade chocolates. A hand painted lid and giant bow complete the look, and a custom love note gift tag can personalize it with whatever message you’d like!

  • One of the best, most nostalgic parts of celebrating Valentine’s Day in school is getting cards from everyone in class. But just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the fun. Pink Italian meringue buttercream envelopes this gigantic, lifesize Valentine’s mailbox cake, complete with a fondant exterior covered in hearts. But the best part of this cake is what’s on the inside- the center is filled with assorted candy hearts that will spill out when it’s cut into. Feel free to use cinnamon hearts, conversation hearts, gummy hearts, or any other heart shaped candy that you love!

  • You didn’t really think these cakes were going to be getting simpler, did you? *Mwahahaha* Wait, don’t run away! This mega Ultimate Valentine’s Day Cake may look like a lot of work, but we promise you the results will be worth it! Red velvet cake, clearly the most romantic of all the cakes, stacks with plenty of rich cream cheese frosting create this decadent layer cake. A heart shaped secret chamber can be filled with any sprinkle medley you like, and we also made chocolate lollipops and pink and red chocolate heart decorations because, like, why wouldn’t we?

  • If you’re looking for something a little less whimsical and a little more classic, this Rose Bouquet Cake is a stunning option. We start by soaking a classic chocolate cake in simple syrup to keep it moist and delicious, fill it with Italian meringue buttercream, and finish the look with elegant marbled fondant. But because it’s Valentine’s we decided to take it a step further and incorporate real fresh roses to the cake bouquet, so not only is this cake delicious, it’s essentially two gifts in one. Just make sure to remove the roses before eating, obviously. You knew that. We know, we know.

  • If you’re looking for a kid pleasing option, or you love an adult who is like...really into stuffed animals, this Adorable Teddy Bear Cake is so much sweeter than just a cliche stuffed bear you grab at the pharmacy on your way home. It’s the only vanilla cake we included on this list, so if you’re baking for a vanilla lover, this is probably your best bet. There’s also a bonus mini recipe of a gorgeous giant chocolate heart filled with an absurd amount of cinnamon hearts- it is a great finish to this incredible cake, but if you’re running really short on time and looking for a super quick treat to make you could always skip the cake all together and just craft this heart together for a fun, semi-homemade treat.

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