5 Products Our Community Loved (As Did We!) In 2021!

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We started How To Cake It as a tiny independent YouTube channel, and because of you all we’ve been able to grow into a community doing everything from bake book clubs to live tutorials to masterclass courses. When the community asked us to sell Sir Squeeze- Yo’s signature simple syrup bottle, we realized we should curate our favorite baking tools and supplies in one place. We know a lot of you consider us your baking concierge (if you will, lol) and we take that trust very seriously. We only ever want to sell and recommend products that we ourselves use regularly. These five products were among our top sellers over the last year and make excellent gifts for the beloved bakers in your life…even if that baker is you. 😉

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  • There's a reason Yolanda Gampp trusts Sir Squeeze with every cake she makes! Decorating projects can take time, and you can keep your cakes from drying out with this collapsible funnel and a squeezable simple syrup bottle. These tools make it easy to get your simple syrup into your soaker bottle and onto your cake providing the perfect light shower of syrup to keep your cake moist and fresh without making it soggy. Our community members love how it works better than a regular squeeze bottle and is faster and neater than a pastry brush. If you do a lot of caking, this duo is a must have in your arsenal. 

  • The Staybowlizer is one of the newest additions to our collection and it’s ridiculously helpful.  Your “third hand in the kitchen”, this handy little tool lets you  mix, whisk and whip with one hand while keeping the other hand free to add ingredients, film for the ‘gram or do anything else! We love that it can cradle any size bowl or to suction-lock it onto any countertop. It’s truly got like a million uses, it can protect countertops from hot pans, keep pet bowls in place or secure bowls on moving boats and RV’s. 

  • These gorgeous pink  bowls are the ideal size to handle everything from intricate icing and fluffy meringue mixes to everyday cake batters, and nest into each other to save you cabinet or counter space. Did we mention they’re microwave safe? 

    We’re all about things being functional AND aesthetically pleasing, and these bowls are the perfect example, they look like ceramic, but are made out of a lightweight BPA free plastic. Cute enough to display,  but versatile enough to do double duty: mix and measure, then snap the lid on and store in the fridge or freezer. 

  • What Sir Squeeze is to serious cakers, this cookie turntable is to cookiers- a simple tool that will make things a whole lot easier! Whether you have a habit of accidentally sticking your fingers in your still-wet royal icing or are just looking for more mobility, this sturdy, easy to spin turntable makes cookie decorating quicker and more comfy. No more messiness or accidents when repositioning your cookie or soreness while straining into weird angles. Because we love a fancy, gourmet cookie but you’ve gotta take care of you too, boo. Plus, working with your cookie slightly elevated from the table allows you to get your fingers underneath for easy lifting, and you can even use the turntable to display your cookie creations!

  • Another ingenious tool designed especially for cookie decorators by How To Cake It’s world famous cookie artists, these piping bag clips are the perfect size for royal icing piping bags- small enough to not get in the way but big enough to fit a full 12” piping bag. Keep your hands (and kitchen) clean AND your royal icing organized while you work. They’re clearly labelled to indicate icing consistency, making switching between bags ridiculously easy. Let the clips remember which bag is which for you, and let your mind focus on what’s really important: your nostalgic baking playlist or true crime podcast itinerary. Obviously. These are super affordable and make a great little gift for the cookies in your life. 

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